EPL Matchday 22 Predictions – Gurgler v British Sunshine

Here's The Gurgler's EPL Matchday 22 Predictions. This week our tips are up against British sunshine since it is so bloody hot in Australia.

EPL Matchday 29 Predictions

This weekend’s EPL has a lot to live up to after last weekend’s results, and so do our EPL Matchday 22 Predictions.

With 4-0 and 3-0 wins a plenty and a few upsets, mainly Manchester City getting their pants pulled down by Everton reigniting the argument that Pep Guardiola is only good because he has had the best sides.  You can’t argue that Manchester City are any better than last season.

Talking about not being better than last season or even last week are our EPL Matchday 22 Predictions.

Each week we provide EPL Predictions and attempt to go up a ridiculous opponent. We have previously taken on tips from a three year old, 9 month old, a dog and other times with tips based on Scrabble scores, UK Railway station passenger numbers, shirt colours and more. Check out the full list below.

This week, since it has been so stinking hot and full of sun in Australia, we thought we do our tips based on the amount of sunshine in the various places in the UK.

How does that work, you may ask.

We have taken the figures from the Current Results UK website for yearly averages for the hours of sunshine at cities and towns across the United Kingdom. The annual totals are based on weather data collected from 1981 to 2010.

Sure we could have got more recent data, but who’s got time for that.

So we’ve decided who has the most sunshine on average will be happier, and therefore is more likely to win. There’s only a few locations with figures, so we’ve also had to decide which area of sunshine is closest to the team. Except for Stoke which is an average of three closest points it was easy.

Unlike picking winners for this week. And certainly not like Ipswich Town.

After declaring them the most mediocre team in the world a few months ago. the Tractor Boys are busily working on being just truly after being knocked out of the FA Cup by Non League Lincoln City during the week. That now makes 4 games in two consecutive FA Cup third rounds against fourth and fifth tier teams where Ipswich have been unable to win. They also have not had a consecutive result of any kind since August, so those who like a bet only need to check the last start and take the double chance not involving the previous result. Money or jam really. Pity we only found out about it from the Guardian’s Football Weekly a few weeks ago.

Anyway enough sidetracking, and onto our EPL Matchday 22 Predictions for your consideration.


GURGLER’S EPL Matchday 22 Predictions

LIVERPOOL to beat Swansea
BOURNEMOUTH to beat Watford
EVERTON to beat Crystal Palace
MIDDLESBROUGH to beat West Ham
MANCHESTER UTD to beat Stoke
DRAW – Manchester City v Spurs
SOUTHAMPTON to beat Leicester
ARSENAL to beat Burnley
CHELSEA to beat Hull

Matchday 22 Predictions – Based on UK Sunshine Average

Nearest Place and Sunshine Hours in Brackets

LIVERPOOL (Blackpool 1567) to beat Swansea (Cardiff 1549)
BOURNEMOUTH (Eastbourne 1888) to beat Watford (London 1481)
EVERTON (Blackpool 1567) to beat Crystal Palace (London 1481)
WEST HAM  (London 1481) to beat Middlesbrough (Newcastle 1445)
MANCHESTER UNITED (Manchester 1416) to beat Stoke (Mix 3 Avg 1405)
SUNDERLAND  (Newcastle 1445) to beat WBA (Birmingham 1354)
SPURS  (London 1481) to beat Manchester City (Manchester 1416) 
SOUTHAMPTON (Eastbourne 1888) to beat Leicester (Birmingham 1354)
ARSENAL (London 1481) to beat Burnley  (Manchester 1416) 
HULL (Grimsby 1540) to beat Chelsea (London 1481)



Currently we are better than our opponents, only just. We are getting less than 50% correct, and getting worse. Some very ordinary tipping really. Except for midweek.


Total – 95 / 192 (only started Match Day 6)
Average – 4.94 / 10

Best: 8/10 (1) – Worst 2/10 (1) – Last Week – 5/10


Total – 85 / 192
Average – 4.44 / 10

3 Year Old – 6/10

7 Month Old – 3/10

Pack of Cards – 3/10

The Dog – 2/10

Cars that drove past – 5/10

Frankington Stanley 2/10

Scrabble – 5/10

Alphabetical Order – 4/10

Colour of Kits – 5/10

Brexit Voting – 3/10

Person in City/Town per Points – 7/10

Team Nicknames – 4/10

British Train Stations – 6/10

Team Abbreviations – Results Pending – 3 / 10

Famous Faces – 6/10

Last 6 Form (for FA Cup) – 16/32

The Sack Race – 5 / 10









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