Please don’t let the Channel Nein get the Big Bash TV Rights

Channel Nein want the Big Bash TV Rights, so we've started a petition on Change,Org begging Cricket Australia to think twice.

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Not content with destroying NRL on Sundays and the Summer of Cricket, or winning The Gurgler’s 2016 Jerk of the Year, Channel Nein are circling for the Big Bash TV Rights.


What a surprise Channel Nein wants a piece of the Big Bash TV Rights pie, now that is so popular amongst Australians each summer. Channel Ten played a blinder nipping it off Fox Sports a few years back. But they’ll have to pay up to $800M for the privilege. Or maybe Channel Nein will. Hopefully they won’t.

One could argue that the Big Bash thrives because Channel Nein is not involved. And we will.

Can you imagine after a full day of Test cricket listening to their self indulgent dross, that anyone wants to listen to them go even more ridiculously over the top. They would have to give Michael Slater some valium between games. Or the viewers.  That’s if anyone is really listening to them in the first place.

The Channel 10 coverage just works. Sure it isn’t perfect, and there are some annoying factors, but the most important factor is it isn’t Channel Nein.

There’s no annoying Slats, no Healy boring us to death, as much Shane Warne as one could wish for. Zero.

Maybe Channel 10 are blessed with the more sell-able product, as they usually have more action on field and less distractions of the viewer, or maybe Channel 10 have found the right mix of enthusiasm and old time stories. Maybe Channel Nein just sucks. Either way let’s hope the Big Bash TV Rights don’t go their way.

Who shouldn’t be exempt from blame if it happens is Cricket Australia. Also not content with ruining the summer with shit schedules that serve to line their coffers only, or having a selection committee making such absurd decisions that we were a laughing stock (now appears fixed with Rod Marsh gone), if Cricket Australia give the rights to Channel Nein they are saying they hate you – the Australian cricket fan.

So that’s why The Gurgler has decided to launch a petition on Change.Org to request Cricket Australia think twice before deciding on the Big Bash TV Rights.

Why not sign it today.

Vote early, vote often.

Or don’t complain when Channel Nein ruin your cricketing Summer nights as well as days.







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