Roy and HG return to the Airwaves on Triple M soon

Roy and HG are back on Triple M from January 28, and we at The Gurgler couldn't be happier and can't wait for the first Saturday morning session.

Best of Roy and HG Sporting Probe 25th March

Roy and HG make their return to radio full time on Triple on January 28 with a new Saturday morning show between 10am and 12pm.

What a great start to a new sporting year then to have Australia’s best sporting commentators and analysts back on the radio.

Whilst 2016 was all about the many deaths of celebrities if you listen to the many end of year reviews, perhaps 2017 can be the resurrection year. The return of Roy and HG to a regular stint on radio is a good start.

Although Roy and HG’s return was announced late last year, it escaped our attention until recently, but what an early present for 2017.

Their daily effort during the Olympics was pure gold, and was the five ringed circus’ main highlight for us. It also proved they’d lost nothing since their last stint on Triple M which sadly ended as a Sydney only broadcast and podcast.

Whilst it is not the three hour sportfest that used to be on Triple J, and the ads that you will have to endure won’t be advertising Frosty LaHood, or the Frank Nobilo Irons, you will avoid the music on Triple J. You know the type of music that Triple J people love, and if you don’t you hate Australia and music in general. As long as that music is not played anywhere else or it becomes “too commercial”.

Triple M for their love of sport seems a better fit these days with Roy and HG anyway, as the newer generation will probably not enjoy the infamous Roy and HG banter, with hopefully constant references to Captain Feathers, Carlos Smearson, Dave “The Enigma” “The Coal Train” Taylor and many more of the forgotten or obscure sporting personalities. We hope anyway.

The new show is appropriately titled Roy and HG’s Sporting Probe, as no duo have called for more Sporting Probes than Roy and HG over the years. Whether it be to decide who is the best pound for pound boxer in the world or for one of Mark Webber’s many DNFs. Roy and HG are always diving into how sport can do better.

And Sport is all the better for their return, and we at The Gurgler welcome them back with open arms and ears.



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