The Gurgler’s 2016 Top 10 Bits and Pieces

2016 is almost over so it is time to reflect with The Gurgler's 2016 Top 10 bits and pieces. We feature the best and blurst of our gear and the world's.

2016 top 10

2016, it was the best of times and the blurst of times, and on the theme of blurst, here is the Gurgler’s 2016 Top 10 lists.

We have a quick round up of our more popular stories for the year, and a quick trip through our worst.

There is also our 2016 Top 10 moments and celebrity deaths which seems all the rage at the moment.

Plus, we have our Person and Jerk of the Year.

So sit back and enjoy our 2016 Top 10 Bits and Pieces.



Here’s our Top 10 pieces or work from 2016.

Crap Fantales – Space City – The Futuristic Shopping in Kallangur – No.1 in 2015 and again in 2016. People want to know about massive Space Domes in Kallangur.

Which NRL Club was the Best Supported in 2015 – thanks to the Front Row forum for the hits – we reran it for 2016.

QRL Release the 2016 Draw – People love the Queensland Cup – at least you can watch a game in Brisbane on a Sunday – here’s the 2017 Draw. Plus a Brisbane Footy on a Sunday extra draw.

The A to Z of Forgotten Rugby League Players – people love their obscure rugby league players like Graham Appo, Kieran Meyer and Eoin Crossan. Even more at the Rugby League Project which has every players ever.

Gurgler Six Pack – Alternative Towns for XXXX Origins Promotion – XXXX brought out beers with town names on them, In our frustration of buying many cartons without completing the set. Lousy XXXX.

Teams Named for Pacific International Test Series – people love their Pacific Nations Footy. Why wouldn’t you.

Yoplait is not French for Yoghurt – and Neither are some other things – a question that few asks has been answered. If only we could find the policeman rom the ads.

The EFL Championship 2016-2017 Preview – our preview of second tier of UK Football got some interest. Not long before our weekly bit was dropped from zero reads. Literally zero.

Fox Sports to Simulcast Rugby League in 2016 – Catch You Later Ch9 – a lot of league fans agreed with us – f*** Channel Nein.

Todd Carney v Chris Sandow – an unlikely Boxing match up and ratings winner for us.



Enough of the best, it’s time to admit how bad our shite was in 2016.

And we can proudly announce that our 2016 Top 10 least read bits is a 73 way tie for last. All with just one read each. Most of them probably 2016 Gurgler Person of the Year runner up Frankington Stanley.

Here’s a list of five of the most obscure and forgotten.

Gurgler Conspiracies – DARE

Gurgler Six Pack – Alternative Knighthoods

PODCASTS – The Gurgler Live

Gurgler Six Pack – Other Foods that will give you cancer

Gurgler Six Pack – Alternative FIFA Presidents


There’s been many famous deaths in 2016, all of which have had their candle filled, social media approved eulogies. We prefer to remember those who are more easily forgotten, most of which are usually greeted with “I thought they were already dead. Hmmm.”

GEORGE GAYNES – Played Bumbling Commandant in Police Academy and Grandfather in Punky Brewster.

GEORGE KENNEDY – Finest work from Naked Gun

ALAN THICKE – Father of Growing Pains and Robin Thicke.

PETE BURNS – lead singer of Dead or Alive who sang You Spin Me Round.

GORDIE HOWE – Ice Hockey star – picture used in Simpsons

ARNOLD PALMER – one of Golf’s greatest.

ANDREW SACHS – actor of the greatest sitcom character of all time.

BOUTROS BOUTROS GHALI – Best UN Boss and possibly Greatest Name of all Time.

RONNIE CORBETT – Was he the better half of the Two Ronnies

KEITH EMERSON / GREG LAKE – Two thirds of Emerson, Lake and Palmer – writers of one of the greatest songs of all time.






Most of these come from the Sporting arena and have mostly been discussed in our 2016 Sporting Year review.

AFC Wimbledon getting promoted to third division. Courtesy of Adebayo Akinfenwa.

Leicester Winning the EPL – giving a fan of a medicore second tier team something to hope for, aside from avoiding relegation to the third tier.

Reading the Betoota Advocate

Watching the Brexit and Trump election results come in on the internet, Mostly in disbelief.

Watch Antony Green on Australian Election Night.

Charles Strunk’s election to Forest Lake ward.

Roy and HG’s Olympics Podcast

Have You Been Paying Attention on Monday nights.

Iceland knocking England out of the Euro

NRL broadcasting all games on Fox Sports.



Charles Strunk – Local Councillor of Forest Lake



Channel Nein Commentary Team.


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