EPL Matchday 15 Predictions – Gurgler v Brexit Voting

EPL Matchday 29 Predictions

More EPL coming up this weekend and although it will be hard to top last weekend’s action that won’t stop our EPL Matchday 15 Predictions.

Once again we are taking on a competitor with our EPL Matchday 15 Predictions, and once again it is an absurd opponent.

In our never ending quest to see whether arse beats class (or poor tipping) this week we are putting our tips against the results of the Brexit election from earlier in the year.

Not being content with going up against Football Kit colours, Scrabble scores, passing cars, children and dogs, we are taking on the results of the Brexit election.

How does that work? Easy. Sort of.

For each team we have the Brexit result of their electorate from the big poll. We then take the winning result and the margin. For instance in the electorate Arsenal is, in the Remain vote won with 75.2% of the vote. In Stoke, the winner was Leave with 69.4%. So we take the higher of the two scores, so Remain wins. If they are both the same then that answer is obvious.

Since Remain means stay in the EU, that means not the UK, and the Brexit tip is the away team. If the Leave result is the winner it means they want to stay in the UK, which means home team gets the tip.

So, it is easy. Remain in EU means away side to win. Leave means leave Europe and the home side is the popular pick.

How does it all translate to tips? Find out below. But onto our first.


GURGLER EPL Matchday 15 Predictions SELECTIONS

WATFORD to beat Everton
ARSENAL to beat Stoke
BOURNEMOUTH to beat Burnley
DRAW – Swansea v Sunderland
MANCHESTER CITY to beat Leicester
DRAW – Chelsea v WBA
DRAW – Manchester Utd v Spurs
DRAW – Southampton v Middlesbrough
LIVERPOOL to beat West Ham

OPPONENT EPL Matchday 15 Predictions – Tips based on Brexit Vote

Note: Brexit vote in Brex-ackets and overall score is determined as above.

GAME: Watford (Leave 50.3%) v Everton (Remain 58.2%)
TIP: (Remain wins) = Away = EVERTON

GAME: Arsenal (Remain 75.2%) v Stoke (Leave 69.4%)
TIP: (Remain wins) = Away = STOKE

GAME: Burnley (Leave 66.6%) v Bournemouth (Leave 54.9%)
TIP (Leave wins) = Home = BURNLEY

GAME: Hull (Leave 67.6%) v Crystal Palace (Remain 54.3%)
TIP (Leave wins)  = Home = HULL

GAME: Swansea (Leave 51.5%) v Sunderland (Leave 61.3%)
TIP (Leave wins) = Home = SWANSEA

GAME: Leicester (Remain 51.1%) v Manchester City (Remain 60%)
TIP (Remain wins) = Away – MANCHESTER City

GAME: CHELSEA (Remain 68.7) v WBA (Leave 66.7)
TIP: (Remain wins)  = Away = WBA

MANCHESTER UTD (Remain 57.7%) v TOTTENHAM (Remain 75.6)
TIP (Remain wins) = Away = SPURS

SOUTHAMPTON (Leave 53.8%) v MIDDLESBROUGH (Leave 63.5%)
TIP (Leave wins) = Home = SOUTHAMPTON

LIVERPOOL (Remain 58.2) v WEST HAM (Remain 52.8)
TIP (Remain wins) – Away = WEST HAM



Currently we are better than our opponents, but getting less than 50% correct. Some very ordinary tipping really.


Total – 38 / 90 (only started Match Day 6)
Average – 4.2 / 10

Best: 6/10 (1) – Worst 3/10 (2) – Last Week 3/10


Total – 35 / 90 (39%)
Average – 3.8 / 10

3 Year Old – 6/10

7 Month Old – 3/10

Pack of Cards – 3/10

The Dog – 2/10

Cars that drove past – 5/10

Frankington Stanley 2/10

Scrabble – 5/10

Alphabetical Order – 4/10

Colour of Kits – 5/10



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