Voting Opens For The Gurgler 2016 Person of the Year

It's time to vote for who is The Gurgler 2016 Person of the Year. Six of the best we have decided that made our 2016 the best ever.

Gurgler 2016 Person of the Year

Gurgler 2016 Person of the Year voting has now opened, and the power is handed over to you, the loyal or occasional Gurgler reader.

Our list of six people for Gurgler 2016 Person of the Year aren’t your every day big names. In fact some you may never have heard of.

That’s just the way we like it. Celebrating the forgotten. Rewarding those whose achievements are ignored or briefly acknowledged.

If you haven’t caught up with the six nominations thus far, here’s a link to their nomination story below and a short description into what they’re about.


ADEBAYO AKINFENWA – aka The Beast – UK Football Larger and Stronger than life itself.

CHARLES STRUNK – hard working local councillor with a name you can trust and love.

LOUDY WIGGINS – Winner of our Forgotten Olympian and only celebrity follower on Twitter.

ERROL PARKER / CLANCY OVERELL / BETOOTA ADVOCATE – Funny bastards in charge of Australia’s finest news website.

ROD PAMPLING – Former Forgotten Man of Australian Golf and US PGA Tour Winner in 2016

FRANKINGTON STANLEY – Gurgler’s Number One Fan and Key Contributor


So now Voting has opened after a week of unveiling the nominations.

It’s time for you to have your say, and there’snever been a better time to vote for Gurgler 2016 Person of the Year.

Of course you can suggest your own, and we’ll listen. The best nominations will be updated here.

Voting closes midnight on Christmas Eve.

Winners confirmed on Boxing Day. They will receive the third Golden Turpie Award, joining previous winners Reggie the Rabbitoh in 2014 and Willie Minoga in 2015.






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