Frankington Stanley – Gurgler Person of the Year Nom #6

The Gurgler Person of the Year welcomes our fifth nomination for 2016, and this time it is a good friend of the website rewarded for his loyalty.

gurgler person of the year

The Gurgler Person of the Year finishes with our final nomination for the Golden Turpie award, and this time it is friend of the website Frankington Stanley.

No one has been a bigger friend of The Gurgler than Frankington Stanley in 2016. If that is his real name. Which we know it isn’t. But who knows what it is.

The main special quality that has earned him the award nomination for Gurgler Person of the Year is the dedicated and consistent patronage of this struggling website. A Like on Facebook no matter the quality of read. And that quality does fluctuate.

Some may ask why on earth that deserves anything. Well, when you get the amount of readers we do at The Gurgler, it is nice to know that each bit will get at least one viewer. Whether they deserve them or not.

Limited may be the response from others to our reasoning above, but not only is Frankington Stanley a consistent reader, but he is also a consistent contributor. The Gurgler’s inbox is always full of ideas and suggestions from Frankington, and he regularly attends Website Development time as part of The Gurgler’s fans forums. We receive almost hundreds of ideas a month from Frankington Stanley.

He has some specialists sills too. An expert in analysing the NRL draw has helped us highlight some of the NRL’s problems and bias of the draw.

His other special skill is reviewing beer. For Frankington Stanley there can never be enough Pine, Mango, Pirate or MF in his beer. MF Lager is his all time favourite he has told us on less than one occasion.

So we welcome Frankington Stanley into the Gurgler Person of the Year finals, as a deserving reward for hard work throughout the year.

Stay tuned for the voting details to choose your favourite, and see who is the Gurgler’s Person of the Year for 2016.


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