Loudy Wiggins – Gurgler Person of Year Nom #3

The Gurgler's 3rd nomination for Person of the Year has dived in, and it is Loudy Wiggins -voted Best Forgotten Olympian on this site earlier in the year.

loudy wiggins

The Gurgler has very few famous fans, proudly one of them is Loudy Wiggins previously known on this website and life as Loudy Tourky.

She is no ordinary fan, she was crowned on this very website earlier in the year as Australia’s favourite forgotten Olympian.

If you can’t remember what the hell we were on, why not follow this link to reminiscence.

Loudy Wiggins beat a field of household Olympic names that had all been forgotten. But not by us of course. There was Martin Vinnicombe (mmmmedal winner), the once fastest white man on earth Darren Clarke,  and Dean Capobianco just to name a few of the ten finalists.

Loudy Wiggins beat them all. And deservedly so, we say.

But it wasn’t her winning of our poll that was the exclusive reason for being nominated as one of our people of the year. It was the additional support via social media, and sharing of our usually barely read stuff that made a large impact on our year.

We’ve never had so many visitors from South America to our website, which we attributed solely to our favourite forgotten Olympian who was on the job for Channel 7’s coverage.

The sterling work in supporting Channel Seven through the diving was also well received. Not only for the fact that it wasn’t Michael Slater. Channel Seven of course going down the professional rather than LCD approach to Olympics broadcasting.

Although their blanket advertising of upcoming shows is almost the memory I have of the Olympics coverage rather than the events. Which is sad. Especially with how bad that Zumbo show was.

Like most forgotten or under appreciated people, once you look into their lives you’ll find a life much more interesting than the tiny you remember from back in the day.

It’s the Zevon index. Most people have heard of Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon, but very few would know he released over 10 studio albums. Most of them great. Once you start digging you’ll never know how interesting one can be. 

Loudy Wiggins is another typical of that. She is a personal trainer, Mum of two and founder of Mind & Body Blitz. All of which we were ignorant of until the votes for Forgotten Olympian started rolling in. We’ll even give the website a plug. loudywiggins.com.au

Our website The Gurgler only has a few principles, one is to celebrate the forgotten or under appreciated, so when one of those forgotten or under appreciated people give back some love, they are surely deserving of one of our nominations for Person of the Year. We need all the friends we can get.

So our Person of the Year may not have had the biggest year according to mainstream, but they have to us. And it not about you anyway.

Once we have unveiled all Six Nominations so stay tuned for more.



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