2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – Good, Bad, Ugly

The 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and 2016 and F1 season are now over and we have our winners and losers from the last race of the season.

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and final race of the season had a lot more action than expected, and for the final time we have our review of the race in point form.

Coming soon is our review of the entire season, so stay tuned for that.



LEWIS HAMILTON – Had to win. He did. Look untouchable all weekend and was. His go slow tactics almost worked a treat. Many will complain, but he did what he had to do to try a win a Championship.

MAX VERSTAPPEN – Early spin sent him to last place. Took no time burning through the field, then holding Rosberg up. Took a different strategy and played himself in race calculations.

NICO ROSBERG – that overtaking manoeuvre on Max showed balls, and a reason he deserved the Championship. Kept the Hamtima honest in the latter stages. Held off Vettel at the end when it mattered.

SEBASTIAN VETTEL – Showed a glimpse of the form that took him to so many championship wins at Red Bull.

THE RACE – produced a decent level of interest for a change. More thanks to tyre strategies and jerk driving from Lewis Hamilton than the track itself. What a tense finish.




ABU DHABI TRACK – A real dud of a place to end a season, and especially decide a title. When GP2 and GP3 can’t make the place look exciting you know it stinks. Sooner they move it back to Brazil or anywhere else would be great. The left-right just before the hairpin is the most tedious. Could be real good for overtaking if they bypassed this sequence.

JENSON BUTTON’S SEASON – A shocker of a season and not the best way to end your career. But apt given the other 20 races in 2016.

DANI KYVAT’s SEASON – at least he has his health. And a drive for next year.



FALLOUT FOR MERCEDES – One can only imagine how the fallout from Lewis Hamilton’s driving will go.


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