2016 F1 Season Decider – One of the more Underwhelming Editions

The 2016 F1 Season Decider is here from Abu Dhabi this weekend, but it shapes as one of the most underwhelming title battles ever.

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The Formula 1 season culminates with its 2016 F1 Season Decider in Abu Dhabi on Sunday, but it is without a great deal of excitement. But that just about sums up F1 in 2016.

And in Abu Dhabi you couldn’t have a venue more equally meh for a title decider. But it is a fitting location for a season which has failed to excite in terms of the Championship.

Just as the fact that Nico Rosberg just needs third to win it sums it up.

The maths is reasonably simple for the title race this weekend. Lewis Hamilton really needs to win and Nico Rosberg really needs to finish third or higher.

Third shouldn’t be hard in a car that has ruined qualifying for competition for the last few seasons. So refer for further advice in the unlikely event of none of the above happening.

Even the poor starts (which was only saving grace from an entire season of dross) have dried up for Mercedes. And some of the interest for fans.

Occasion great drives from the Red Bull drivers in Spain, Monaco, Malaysia and Brazil have been the highlights at the front. Otherwise it has been which ever Mercedes drivers was on top for the weekend.

Even the excitement from the all Mercedes crash on the first lap of the Spanish GP didn’t materialise into a tense battle.

For the third year in a row Mercedes have been the class of the field, but the difference this year is that Nico Rosberg has had the upper hand for most of the year.

The German has had most of the luck for the year, but has also appeared to be far more committed to his F1 this season.

Lewis Hamilton has probably been the faster of the two but has been far more inconsistent. He has had the lion’s share of the failures, but he also appears to be caught up more with his celebrity than being an F1 driver. And yes, by now we are very tired of the crossover footage of whichever celebrity is in Lewis’ garage during the race.

The above is the reason it feels that the 2016 F1 Season Decider is so underwhelming.

The driver who is most likely isn’t the fastest, and has had the most luck, but has won enough races to justify being a deserved champion. And he needs just a third to get there.

Fans of Lewis will argue that he has had all the bad luck for the year, but multiple positions lost at the start of many races can’t always be the team’s fault. And he’s been a jerk for most the season.

So that’s the choice – Meh v Jerk.

In a year of the US Election providing two choices that are well summarised by South Park as Douche v Turd, the choices offered up by the 2016 F1 Season Decider fits right in.

Strap yourself in for the 2016 F1 Season Decider, and look forward to the battle on a track that created the need for DRS after ruining the 2010 title decider.

Our only hope is Red Bull or Ferrari achieve something for 2016 to break up the order which doesn’t seem possible after qualifying. Or Max Verstappen either drives a blinder or tangles with one of the Mercedes. Or hope for rain. The least likely.

Our fearless prediction is Lewis wins, and Rosberg scrambles home in third after dropping places from the start and taking advantage of a Ferrari retirement.


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