EPL Matchday 12 Predictions – The Gurgler v Scrabble

Here is The Gurgler's EPL Matchday 12 Predictions for this weekend. This week we take on Scrabble in our quest to go head to head with different opponents.

EPL Matchday 29 Predictions

Another batch of International fixtures are over and it’s time for our EPL Matchday 12 Predictions.

One wonders if there is a better way of qualifying for the World Cup than to take two years – we came up with the crazy idea of the entire World Cup becoming knockout. That would save years of tedious qualifying and playoffs matches, and would leave the EPL, European Leagues and Championship alone.

Sure there’s at least 30 other weekends of football, but FIFA can qualify for World Cups in their own time.

Enough of another one of our usual gripes of International breaks (second only to NRL on Sundays) and onto our EPL Matchday 12 Predictions.

Each week we take on a compeditor of varying EPL knowledge, Age, Humanity, and Sanity. We’re happy to say we are beating our range of opponents, so far.

This week we are taking on Scrabble.

In our search for proving whether it’s better to be lucky than good we are using scrabble scores of the EPL teams in action and the higher score per letter wins and gets the Scrabble tip. Except if they are equal, then the tip is draw.

Sounds easy, and easy to beat? Unlikely on both.



MANCHESTER UNITED v ARSENAL from 10pm Cow Time / 11pm Proper EST


THE EPL Matchday 12 Predictions.


Here’s our EPL Matchday 12 Predictions…

MAN UTD to Arsenal
MAN CITY to beat Crystal Palace
EVERTON to beat Swansea
LIVERPOOL to beat Southampton
STOKE to beat Bournemouth
SUNDERLAND to beat Hull
DRAW – Watford v Leicester
SPURS to beat West Ham
CHELSEA to beat Middlesbrough
WBA to beat Burnley



We have used the wording used in the BBC Sport EPL Table for team names and entered them into a respectable Scrabble scoring website – link.

Team Name Scrabble Points No. Of Letters Average per point
Man Utd 9 6 1.5
Arsenal 7 7 1.0
Crystal Palace 22 13 1.7
Man City 14 7 2.0
Everton 10 7 1.4
Swansea 10 7 1.4
Southampton 18 11 1.6
Liverpool 14 9 1.6
Stoke 9 5 1.8
Bournemouth 18 11 1.6
Sunderland 12 10 1.2
Hull 7 4 1.8
Watford 14 7 2.0
Leicester 11 9 1.2
Tottenham 14 9 1.6
West Ham 15 7 2.1
Middlesbrough 23 13 1.8
Chelsea 12 7 1.7
West Brom 15 8 1.9
Burnley 12 7 1.7

So the scrabble predictions are:

MAN UTD to beat Arsenal
MAN CITY to beat Crystal Palace
DRAW – Everton v Swansea
DRAW – Southampton v Liverpool
STOKE to beat Bournemouth
HULL to beat Sunderland
WATFORD to beat Leicester
WEST HAM to beat Spurs
MIDDLESBROUGH to beat Chelesa
WEST BROM to beat Burnley


Currently we are better than our opponents, but getting less than 50% correct. Some of our best.


Total – 26 / 60
Average – 4.3 / 10
6 Matchdays – only started Matchday 6

Best: 6/10 (1) – Worst 3/10 (1) – Last Week 3/10


Total – 21 / 60
Average – 3.5 / 10

3 Year Old – 6/10

7 Month Old – 3/10

Pack of Cards – 3/10

The Dog – 2/10

Cars that drove past – 5/10

Frankington Stanley 2/10


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