Rod Marsh Resigns – Gurgler Fixes with a 21st Century Solution to Selection

Chief cricket selector Rod Marsh resigns as the fallout from Australian cricket nudity starts. But how do we fix the current selector troubles? Find out now

So finally Rod Marsh resigns, as the first of Australian Cricket’s off field underachievers falls on their sword.

Hopefully it won’t be the last.

Looking at you “High Performance” Manager Pat Howard. How could you trust anyone from rugby union for high performance.

For now we have settle for the Rod Marsh resigns news.

But what can we do about the Australian cricket team selection?

Is it time for another Gurgler Fix?

Of course it is.

No doubt Rod Marsh resigns will be followed up by the news of another former Australian cricket players to make the same mistakes.

Having ex players, coaches, current players is such a 20th Century way of doing things. Time to bring selection into 21st Century.

Given Cricket fans are very passionate, and that everyone likes to have their say on sport these days, via excellent websites like The Roar, and much worse ones like ours, we say why not give the power to the people.

For the Pakistan Test Series we suggest the following.



Step 1 – All Budding Selectors must sign up via the Cricket Australia website.

Step 2 – After each Test Match the budding selectors must rate each player’s performances out of 10.

Step 3 – The three players with the lowest ranked average are up for re-selection.

Step 4 – The amateur selectors then nominate players that should replace those three in a like for like swap.

Step 5 – The top three replacement and bottom three previous performers go head to head for the final three spots.

Step 6 – Three players with the most votes go to the next test.

If any player in the bottom three score 7 or over they are exempt from the process. If all members are above 7 (unlikely in the current test team) then no changes are required.

Cricket fans who participate in this program will have no excuses for ordinary performances like we have seen against South Africa this summer and Sri Lanka previously.

Neither will the Australian team.

Surely they can’t do much worse.

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