2017 NRL Draw Round 1 announced – no surprises

The 2017 NRL Draw Round 1 has been done. Slow and steady does it, and it is also jam packed full of no surprises. More of the same in 2017 then?

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Just a few days ago the 2017 NRL Draw Round 1 was leaked, and there were few surprises, if any. Not many. Etc.

Before we launch into the usual moan about it, here is the 2017 NRL Draw Round 1.

Thursday, March 2:
CH9 Cronulla v Brisbane

Friday, March 3:
FOX Canterbury v Melbourne
CH9 South Sydney v Wests Tigers

Saturday, March 4:
FOX Warriors v St George Illawarra
FOX Gold Coast v Sydney Roosters
FOX North Queensland v Canberra

Sunday, March 5:
CH9 Manly v Parramatta
FOX Penrith v Newcastle

Full story from Fox Sports

So you ask about no surprises for the 2017 NRL Draw Round 1? Here’s why.

First of all, it is no surprise that it is mid November and the NRL has only got around to one round of the draw. The AFL released their full 2017 draw on October 27 – and they have two extra teams in 5 states. Sure they don’t go to New Zealand, but the Warriors are usually last pick as highlighted by just 4 appearances on FTA in two years. Home of Away. Maybe the AFL are just better at running their game. Or, the AFL are just better at running their game.

No surprise is the Thursday game. Channel Nein are the masters of jumping on a bandwagon. As shown by picking up the 2002 Football World Cup because it was in a decent timeslot, or taking on the final few World Cup qualifiers when Australia look likely to qualify, Channel Nein love to jump on a successful sporting bandwagon. Thank Christ they’ve stayed away from the Big Bash – the only watchable form of cricket left in Australia.

So to see the Sharks, a side who featured zero times in the last six rounds of the competition despite being one of the two teams most likely to finish in the top two, is no surprise since they are now premiership winners. Yes, the draw for the last six weeks was done in late 2015, but after the Sharks made the finals in 2015, one would have thought they’d be a reasonable chance for finals in 2016. As it proved. Channel Nein were rewarded with clashes between most of the bottom 8.

Throw in the ever reliable Thursday/Friday night Brisbane Broncos and you know the score.

Friday night is the only minor surprise as the Rabbitohs take on the Tigers. The traditional Rabbits-Roosters clash has been dumped for the Jason Taylor-Robbie Farah narrative. Can’t blame them on that. And both clubs feature high on the list of Friday night hosts over the past two years.

Sunday afternoon plays out as expected. You know what we mean. We’ve already provided the Guide to Sunday afternoon Football on Channel Nein. The 2017 NRL Draw Round 1 is no different.

Over the past two years 71% of all Sunday afternoon games have been played in Sydney. More than half of the Sunday games have been all Sydney affairs. Throw in another 13 games which feature a Sydney team and you are left with just two games that don’t feature a Sydney team. We haven’t counted Canberra or Newcastle as Sydney clubs in case you are wondering.

So when the 2017 NRL Draw Round 1 was leaked and the game is shown as Manly v Parramatta who could be surprised.

People love their Sunday football. *

The Saturday games feature the pure filler teams like Canberra, Gold Coast, Cowboys (when not playing Brisbane), and the Warriors.

The Monday night game is now the early Friday night game, as the feedback from the fans is not great. But we like the new Friday timeslot. As if anyone turned up at grounds on a Monday, and given the game is broadcast on Fox Sports most can take advantage of the record function if you can’t watch it live.

Talking of Fox Sports, with their new all NRL channel coming, we hope they get more of a say in broadcasting.

So the leaked 2017 NRL Draw Round 1 is just one round. And that could change when the official one is released maybe before Christmas. But does anyone really think 2017 will be any different.


So thank your lucky stars for all NRL games on Fox Sports. At least Channel Nein don’t have to dictate the volume you watch a game at.

Inserted below are some exclusive pictures of how the NRL comes up with their draw. Some say they were a little harsh and unrealistic. Prove us wrong NRL.



Thursday/Friday Games Combined

Team No of Games
Brisbane 21
Canterbury 10
South Sydney 9
Parramatta 7
Manly Sea Eagles 7
North Queensland 6
St George 6
Wests Tigers 6
Eastern Suburbs 6
Panthers 5
Melbourne 2
Canberra 2
Cronulla 2
Gold Coast Titans 2
Grand Total 91


Sunday Afternoon Games

Team No of Games
Cronulla 6
St George 5
Eastern Suburbs 5
Newcastle 5
South Sydney 5
Manly Sea Eagles 4
Wests Tigers 4
New Zealand 3
Panthers 3
Canterbury 3
Melbourne 2
Canberra 2
Gold Coast Titans 2
Parramatta 2
Brisbane 1
Grand Total 52


Games Type No of Games
All Syd 28
Sydney Home 9
Away Sydney 13
Other 2
Grand Total 52


people love their sunday football












Thursday Friday night NRL Draw selector.





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