2016 Brazilian Grand Prix – Good, Bad, Ugly

A wet and wild 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix was eventually completed, and we have our winners and losers from the second last race of the season.

2017 azerbaijan grand prix

The 2016 Brazilian Grand Prix was one of the longest in the modern era, and was jam packed full of incident and accident.

As ever we pick the highlight and lowlights and bits in between.

Unlike Luca Badoer, it is in point form



Has been hailed as one of the great drives, and why not. Overtook with ease and made other drivers look second rate. And how on earth did he save that car from smashing into the barrier.


Not as much style and attitude of Max Verstappen, but wins from pole, and keep the Championship alive. Easy to do it in front but that’s why you qualify first. Job done.


After staring down zero points and last place in the constructors Championship they pull two points out of the bag. One for home man Felipe Nasr.


Crashing put was probably not the end he was hoping for, but the reception and guard of honour would be. Will probably be happy if he never has to answer another question about 2008.


A timely reminder to all that he was almost as good as Max Verstappen last year.


A first point and another reminder of his worth after beating highly rate Pascal Wehrlein. A Force India seat for 2017 looks like a nice step up.



Told before the race weekend he was getting the arse for Kevin Magnussen. Retired from the race and dislodged a few toys. Grabbed like a misbehaving kids at the Supermakret by his mother by Haas man Gunther Steiner. Probably his second last race.



Rounding out a great weekend for Haas by spinning off on the installation lap. A shame after qualifying 7th.




Not his weekend. Outqualified by Max. Outraced by Max. Timed his first pitstop just wrong as the pit lane closed when Max got in just before. Couldn’t make the same progress late like Max. Could get real interesting next year if Red Bull build the best car.


Those who got up early to watch the race live in Australia did it tough with two red flags and loads of safety cars. S-m-r-t one got up a little earlier than usual and watched off replay. Even that extra and the fast forward function was nearly not enough.




Despite the disappointment of Kimi spinning out for all his fans, of which we are one, it could have been so much worse with him facing oncoming traffic in the mist on the fastest part of the track. A head on crash could have taken his head off.


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