Todd Carney v Chris Sandow NRL Boxing + Gurgler Undercards

The NRL public are bored waiting for the football to return, and so the big boxing match between Todd Carney v Chris Sandow is a welcome distraction. Plus a bunch of bouts we'd like tp see on the undercards.

todd carney v chirs sandow

News broke during the week that a Todd Carney Carney v Chris Sandow NRL Boxing is set to take place on December 9 in Sydney.

I know, it sounds like the kind of rubbish we’d come up with, but this is actually true. Don’t believe us? Head to this link from Fox Sports.

It’s another instalment of NRL players past and present punching each other in the off season for our amusement.

We are super excited about the Todd Carney v Chris Sandow bout in December though.

Who wouldn’t want to see the pocket Dynamo that is former Rabbitohs and Eels star Chris Sandow launch into the bout with the same gusto he used to when the shoulder charge was legal. No matter the man or size Sandow wouldn’t attempt to take them down, Todd Carney should be an easier prospect on paper.

Todd Carney can’t be dismissed too easily, well from this Boxing bout’s form study that is. He’s been easily dismissed from a few NRL clubs. Given some of the antics that has seen him thrown out of a few of those clubs, Sandow is probably more worried about other body parts and fluids than fists and blood in the Boxing Ring.

What surprises we will see in the Todd Carney v Chris Sandow big stoush? Plenty we hope.

Here’s our verdict on who will win.



Plenty of daring. Anyone who saw him line up props for a shoulder charge when they were legal shouldn’t be.

May need the money.

A tough Queenslander from the bush.

Probably going to be quicker and more agile than Carney. Not weighed down by tattoos.

VERDICT – Depends who he has bet on.



Standing at 184cm and 90kg. He is the bigger of the two.

Bush tough – Born in Goulburn, although was later banned by the town.

Will be up for some dirty tricks. Like when he reportedly set another man’s pants on fire.

Won’t mind getting down and dirty. This is a man who drinks his own piss.

VERDICT – After a few drinks could be unbeatable.



But the Todd Carney v Chris Sandow fight isn’t the only action on the night. The usual League players are lining up for the undercards. Paul Gallen at the front of the queue.

We think we can do better for the undercards though, just like we did for the Mundine-Green battle royale. They didn’t listen then, but maybe the NRL Boxing troupe management will listen now.

And so here is our list of six great potential NRL Boxing undercards.


The grudge match off and slightly on the field in 2016 was the one between Wests Tigers stalwart Farah and coach Jason Taylor.

That match ended up in a TKO to Taylor who banished Farah to the NSW Cup, despite Farah playing for the Blues during Origin.

Farah left for Souths missing out on the chance to be a one club man, and we’re sure he’d like to land a one punch on Taylor. Jason Taylor was dumped by Souths previously adding a little more spice.



Following on from Taylor’s time at Souths, it was cut short mainly because of an incident between the then head coach and the former powerhouse forward.

A bonding session turned into a sparring one, and that ended up in another TKO, but this time against Taylor.

Will Fa’alogo follow up his victory or will Taylor make amends.



The image of these two with faces pressed against each other in pure rage is one of the great Rugby League images.

Surely these two feisty ex players would be up for reliving those days for a small prize.



The Broncos and Mercenary for Hire International coach seems to be feuding with everyone of late. Getting crankier and crankier with each month.

This bout wouldn’t actually feature any punches, just Wayne Bennett sitting at a press conference desk and smacking down the media questions.



There is no one angrier in Rugby League than the Angry Ant Ricky Stuart.

Like the Bennett bout, there wouldn’t a particular opponent or a massive fight. It would just Ricky staring down anyone and everyone and then getting mad at the referees, the draw, and anything rugby league.

It will be simply a ranting soliloquy aimed at everyone and everything. And it would be pure gold.



The 1995 Origin Series was one of the more memorable. For Queenslanders anyway, as our side of duds, including White Noise Ikin, Terry Cook, and Craig Teevan beat up the star studded NSW side on the field and the scoreboard. 3-0 was the series score, no joy for them, until now.

Who could forget Danny Moore v John Hopoate swinging wildly despite being on the same team at club level. Or the David Barnhill v Billy Moore stoush. There’s also Andrew Johns proving he can’t do everything on the rugby league field. He can do plenty of stuff off it.

The ring would resemble more of a WWE smackdown, but viewers are looking for that extra action, and who could blame them.




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