Spring Carnival Is Almost Over – Six Ways to Keep Racing Interesting for Summer

The Spring Carnival is almost over, to ensure Racing stays at the heart of the public's attention The Gurgler has Six sure-fire ideas to keep Racing fresh.

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Now that the Spring Carnival is almost over, it is time to come up with a few ideas to keep the Sport of Kings at the forefront of the Aussie sportsfan.

Some unfairly say the Spring Carnival is over as the last meeting is only at Sandown, but that’s just unfair.

The big races are done and dusted, including the one that stops the nation and provides workers nationwide with a reason to stop work for a few hours. Just like the electricity at Eagle Farm.

But Horse Racing and all racing in general shouldn’t rest on their laurels and count the cash of the big Spring Carnival in Sydney and Melbourne. Time to keep the punters and occasional visitors interested whilst Racing is in the spotlight and there’s few compeditors for attention. It’s not as if the Summer of Cricket is going to be much good, and then there’s A League and NBL. Pffft.

The Gurgler’s Six Pack returns, our usual way of grouping six great ideas, or six great people or events in one convenient article. This time we have an idea how to supply six great ideas to keep the interest in Racing alive well and truly throughout the Summer.



There are only a handful of racing venues that can have all three racing codes at the same track. We say that’s a shame, and there should be more of it. And a boon in the post Spring Carnival racing schedule.

Thoroughbreds are great but the 40 minute gap between the races can be boring for some. And Harness and Greyhound Racing struggles on it’s own. So why not kill the boredom and give new fans to the lesser codes by having them all race on the same day.

The White Elephant of Queensland Sport is the Deagon racetrack. Built for whatever reason a few decades ago, it rarely sees compeditive action. Last time was during the Horse Flu from memory. So what better place to shift the Dogs and Trots to, and have some regular thoroughbred action. Deagon could have it all for everyone.

About time Deagon was truly useful.

Further south surely Moonee Valley could add a Dog Track and Rosehill too.



Why not take the Three in One a step further and have all three race at the same time.

We say once all three codes are ready to race at the same venue, they should have at least two races where they all race at once.

Of course there will be have to be handicapped starting similar to the Stawell Gift or a Top Gear challenge between a dog, person and Ferrari. From there punters can not only bet on the winner of each code’s race, but the overall winner of all three codes.

Talk about an exciting post Spring Carnival idea for punters.


If you can’t have quality, go for quantity.

Brisbane has a unique arrangement where their two racetracks are separated by a road. So why not have back to back meetings on a Saturday night.

Given the punters interest in Perth racing and the usual Get Out Stakes betting driven by desperation to go home with money in your back pocket, or indeed the pants you came in with, what better way for the punters to win than have a double header of Saturday Metro Racing.

For other capitals, all that is required is free buses as a shuttle with police assistance to ensure speedy delivery of betting enthusiasts.



Maybe once the Spring Carnival is over the punters and general public are looking for something different. Maybe they are tired of the same old, same old racing track design.

For Greyhound Racing, the simple circle, or small section has been done. We say somehow introduce a Figure 8 configuration to add to the excitement. Who wouldn’t want to see the dogs going over and under and around in the unique setup.

Harness Racing is even more boring than Greyhounds, but with the wheeled contraption at the back what else could you do? Jumps. Situated on the home and back straight, the harness drivers and horses must go over the jumps that will be small but entertaining. It would look a little more It’s a Knockout than Harness Racing, and that’s a good thing.

Thoroughbred racing does have alternatives, but Jumps racing is about as popular as the Australian Cricket Team. Why not add in elements from Jumps racing with the danger of jumping over things. We say add in chicanes and hairpins where possible to see how the horses go under braking and acceleration. Hopefully they don’t move under braking like F1 drivers.



An option that people seem to love during Spring Carnival sweeps, so why not offer it to the public for the post Spring Carnival racing.

Of course you would have to specify whether last means crossed the line last or if an entrant fails to finish. But that’s up to a forward thinking betting company. Looking at you Sportsbet.



Following on from our reasonably weak attempt to pick the Melbourne Cup field in order for the biggest race of the Spring Carnival, we suggest a similar betting option be introduced.

The idea is to offer picking every race, every day, every runner in order.

Races must have a minimum of eight runners, and the pool would keep rolling over until it is won. This means that all the money from all races (including the richer Thoroughbreds) could be won by just picking a dogs race in order. Imagine the pool if not won after a few days.

Sounds easy, of course it is.







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