US Presidential Election betting – Trumped

Couldn't give a flying f*** who wins the big decision in North America this week? What better way to increase your interest in the 2016 US Election than to get involved in some US presidential election betting.

As the world focuses on the big US election on Tuesday (Wednesday am Oz Time), we at The Gurgler are looking more at the options for US Presidential Election betting.

Nothing improves a tedious and boring event like betting. Take Harness Racing. Would anyone ever watch the Trots if you couldn’t bet on it? Of course they wouldn’t.

Alongside any great election, is the opportunity to make some money, so we have a quick round up of the US Presidential Election betting options. What better time to follow it too, as it will be a great accompaniment to a dreary midweek working day.


Most companies are offering a limited range of betting options. William Hill have the standard Head to Head – $1.25 Clinton to $4.00 Trump. Boring. Other vendors we tried weren’t much better.

There are a few long shots, like a decade ago, who would have thought Donald Trump would even run for president, let alone get close. Although The Simpsons did predict it a long time ago. Don’t forget the surprise of Queensland ALP in the 2015 Boilover. Anything could happen, but probably won’t.

But we love long shot, which is why we keep fronting up here at The Gurgler. That’s why we love Rod Pampling. Not that we like Donald Trump nor really care who wins, we just love an election that is interesting. Something that no one can deny this election campaign has been.

But so far the betting option on the election are a little weak. Adrian Griffiths weak.

Thankfully Sportsbet have a lot more imagination.

How about resignations before the vote for pure street money. You can bet on these people not being the nominee by election time.

Clinton $9.50, Trump $15, Pence not VP candidate $21.

There’s a few exotics too…

Popular Vote winner loses election – $6
Donald Trump to win no states – $101
The Next President not to be Clinton/Trump – $51

Vote Turnout is a good one…

You can bet on 49.99% at $13. Up to 66% or more at $6.50. In the middle is the favourite 58% to 61.99% at $3.30. Plus other choices.

Imagine if Australia didn’t have to vote how low it would be. And that’s without it being during the week.

The best bet to follow though is whether Donald Trump will accept the result. If you can guess good luck to you. Not even Sportsbet can, as it is $1.87 a piece.

In amongst the exotics and head to head betting are a myriad of State results, total votes, and Line Betting.

How about someone other than the big parties winning a state. A result that could happen in Utah apparently. $5 if it happens anywhere.

Line Betting of +99.5 for Trump is reducing into $1.78.

But here’s the link to Sportsbet to choose your own adventure.

Not that we work for or are looking for Sportsbet sponsorship, we just enjoy the cut of their jib in making this election more watchable and enjoyable. Or you could follow all the news on the LCD coverage with no betting. Or do your job on Wednesday. Pffft to all.

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