Brisbane Bullets Return + some other great sporting return stories

Excitement for Brisbane Sporting buffs as the Brisbane Bullets return for the upcoming new NBL season. Will it rank amongst the great sporting comebacks?

brisbane bullets return to the nbl

The Brisbane Bullets return to the NBL, and not before time, as a giant hole in the Brisbane sporting landscape is filled.

Many sporting fans and Basketball freaks will be salivating over the Brisbane Bullets return to the NBL, as will 1980’s sporting nostalgia buffs who remember the Bullets being the hottest ticket in Brisbane Sport Fandom.

Who could forget the legendary theme tune…

Surely the above video from Youtube is the single greatest sporting promo of all time. Of all time. Says everything that was great about the more carefree and less professional and corporate 1980’s. One can only hope a Brisbane Bullets return involves a special new version, or even better, the old one.

There’s also the big names on the court that people remember fondly. Like Leapin’ Leroy Loggins, Ronnie ‘The Rat’ Radliff, Larry Sengstock, Andre Moore, Kevin Freeman, Winston Crite, Cal but not CJ Bruton or Michael ‘The Jeweller’ Hill.

So Brisbane and all of SEQ, unlike Doboy Station, one of the greats has been given a second life. Don’t take it for granted this time.

Head to the Bullets website which has all the game information you could need. It also thankfully includes an image of the greatest Bullet of all time Leroy Loggins on the front page. He doesn’t look like he has aged one day since he was last part of our every day lives.

Their first game is at the spiritual home of the Bullets – Boondall on Thursday October 6. If you can’t make that have a full schedule.

But will it be a success? We hope so, and will be there at some stage with a booming Boom, Boom, Boom.

How will it be judged against other sporting teams/individuals who come back from the dead or retirement or cancellation. Here’s our shortlist of sporting comeback endeavours it has to beat.


Previously dominant in the 1950’s but withdrew after an awful accident at Le Mans. They bought out Brawn GP, and within 5 years were ruining F1 with the dominance. Only bringing back Michael Schumacher stunted their growth.


Dumped for political reasons, they returned as winners making a semi final at the 1992 Cricket World Cup and winning a World Cup of R***y in 1995. Have been at or near the top in both and other sports since.


After being moved to Milton Keynes as part of English Football’s first franchise, the fans of the former Wimbledon team started the new club. And they started it from the lowest possible division. They now reside in League One (the third highest level of UK Football) and are right along side their former team Milton Keynes.


After Giants, Seagulls, and Chargers the Gold Coast were given one last chance. After saying goodbye to other sporting franchises like the Gold Coast rollers Basketball and Daikyo Dolphins Baseball, the Titans had to stick or it would become sporting wastelands. Two trips to the last four of the NRL in their first few seasons was a good start. The fact that they finished top 8 this season and were able to secure Fox Sports another 20% of content with the signing of Jarryd Hayne is a good sign for more success.


As a young’un who could remember full houses at the NRA on Saturday nights to watch the Bandits we were chuffed when the entire competition returned. It also returned with teams as they were including the Brisbane Bandits. The Brisbane side completed the ultimate comeback by winning the competition last summer.


Probably the best individual comeback of all time for a man who almost died and drove within 6 weeks. He won the Championship the next year. After retiring in 1979, he came back again in 1982 where wins returned, and a final Championship in 1984.

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