Loudy Tourky (Wiggins) wins Australia’s favourite forgotten Olympian poll

The Gurgler's favourite Australian Forgotten Olympian has been decided and it is Loudy Tourky that wins the coveted award.

Former Australian medallist diver Loudy Tourky aka Loudy Wiggins has taken our Greatest Australian Forgotten Olympian poll.

Since the Olympics finished more than a week or so ago, it was certainly time for our poll to determine which of Australia’s forgotten Olympians was the best or at least the most popular to be finalised.

Our poll strived to acknowledge the athletes who have been forgotten for too long. Just because they didn’t win gold, doesn’t mean they aren’t golden.

Do we think that all of our winners from Rio 2016 will be remembered down the track. In the case of the two swimmers who weren’t Campbell sisters in the 4 x 100m relay, they were forgotten before the day was out.

Can anyone name the shooter, or in fact all of our eight gold medal winners. Probably not. But several people who visit our website proved that you don’t need gold to be remembered and cherished.

As the big celebration to honour the athletes goes around the nation, it was time for The Gurgler to celebrate our favourite Olympians with the official announcement of the winner.

As stated previously the winner was former diver Loudy Tourky (now Loudy Wiggins), who made it to four Olympics and got medals in 2 of them with a fourth as well. The new found friend of The Gurgler gave us the thumbs up, and the many readers (we can actually use a plural this time) gave her a multiple thumbs up.

She beat the cycling dynamo that was Martin Vinnicombe – mmmmedal winner – and the energetic Jumpin’ Jai Taurima.

Most others received votes, like Dean Capobianco, Gary Niewand or Glen Housman. But importantly none of them are forgotten. The Gurgler will always have a home for those forgotten sports people, and champion the lesser known and remembered in the world.

So doff your cap, give a huzzah or a standing ovation to our winner – Loudy Tourky and all of our 10 finalists.

Before we leave the Olympics for another 4 year cycle – please get on board with the Brisbane Olympics bid to bring the magic here in 2028. Here’s our thoughts on why and how it can happen.




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