Vote Now – Forgotten Australian Olympian Poll

We’ve run through our ten favourite Forgotten Olympian to add to our Crap Fantale Hall of Fame, now it’s your turn to vote on the very best.

If you haven’t been up with all the 10 previous Forgotten Olympian stories, then why not catch up now before you vote.

Some stories are real hard luck stories. Missing out on glory by a fingernail or official incompetence.

Some of these people’s lives went downhill after they left their chosen sport.

All appear to be going OK these days, and what better way to show these athletes your support by voting on your favourite.

We’ll announce the winner at the end of the Olympics, and they will win an award which we haven’t thought of yet. Maybe the Martin Vinnicombe MMmmmmmedal.

But you can vote multiple times for your favourite Forgotten Olympian. Up to 5 selections if you wish.

Martin Vinnicombe – Mmmmedal Winner
Jumpin’ Jai Taurima
Glen Housman
Darren Clark
Jarryd Hayne
Dean Capobianco
Gary Niewand
Loudy Tourky
2004 Baseball Team
Alex Watson

All are deserving of praise as all made Olympics. In some cases more than one. They may not receive all the accolades or Gold Medals, but have a home that loves them here at The Gurgler.

It’s time though to decide who is the Greatest Forgotten Olympian.

No gold, but give them a silver lining by choosing them to be Australia’s greatest Forgotten Olympian.

Your vote is important, and feel free to choose a couple in case you just can’t decide.

Please note, just because we have the term Crap Fantales doesn’t mean the person/thing is crap, it’s just that the chances of appearing on a Fantales wrapper is minimal. Check out our Crap Fantales page for the full explanation and honour roll.

As for the Forgotten Australian Olympian Poll – Vote early, vote often.