The Good, Bad and Ugly from 2016 Hungarian GP

The 2016 Hungarian GP has been run and won, and we provide the briefest of thoughts of the race that was, and who was good, bad and/or ugly.

2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The 2016 Hungarian GP was the fifth race in six weeks, and with the German GP at Hockenheim coming up this weekend, it has been a sensational period for the F1 aficionado.

After an action packed, rain soaked Qualifying, the race wasn’t quite as interesting, but interesting enough for our point form review of the 2016 Hungarian GP.




Begrudging success again at the might of the Silver Arrows. They are a cut above everything and are likely to win every race from now until the end of the year. Unlike the Schumacher dominated Ferrari win everything era, at least the Mercs have no team orders. Joy too at Lewis Hamilton giving a bit of needle to Rosberg about the double waved yellow flags in Qualifying. Lewis may claim he wants clarification from stewards or ensuring safety, we’re not so sure. After winning the Hungarian GP and taking the World Championship lead, which is very doubtful he’ll lose, adding some extra pressure and stress to Rosberg should guarantee the upper hand for a while yet.


Not the first time these two driver have clashed, and not the first time it has ended up in Verstappen’s favour. Some of Verstappens defensive driving may have caused Kimi some angst, not without justification, but the youngest race winner can sure handle pressure. Given how close Ferrari and Red Bull are, hopefully there’s some battle ahead in 2016.



Whilst safety should always be a consideration, the lengths F1 went to to measure two corners for straying too far off the track was laughable. Then giving them three freebies before punishing. How’s about having just track, kerb, grass to punish those going too wide rather than a sensor 20mm sorting it out.


After Rosberg’s issues in the British GP, the absurdity of the radio come to the front again. Button was not in a winning position, it still shit him, and rightly.  When he was punished for his radio back and forth during the race. Surely the FIA have better things to do. Like ensuring next year’s regs are hijacked politically and we have cars that can overtake without gimmicks.




After a qualifying session that couldn’t get much worse, and a 2016 season which overall has been rather underwhelming, the Briton was on course for points. Quite an achievement given the bad luck and slightly ordinary car at his disposal this year. Not for the first time he threw it away whilst in P10 with a spin. He is destined not to score any points in 2016. Given the piranhas circling for the rare and elusive F1 seat, he’ll be lucky to see out this season, let alone 2017.