Gary Niewand – Forgotten Olympic Crap Fantale #7

Gary Niewand was an Olympic household name of sorts during the 1980’s to 2000 but unfortunately never quite cracked it for gold in his chosen field of track cycling.

With just under 2 weeks to go until the big show launches, we have a few more Forgotten Olympians to reminiscence about. This edition will hopefully provide a nice distraction from talk of Zika Virus, Poor Facilities, Potential dangers and lack of Australian gold.

The name Gary Niewand, that was so prominent back in the day is the perfect Rio 2016 olympics distraction.

It almost seemed a natural thing when past Olympic coverage anchors would cross to the velodrome for the next Niewand battle.

How that “live” cross didn’t end up in a golden Olympic shower with his on track achievements is hard to believe.

He took Commonwealth Gold. He took World Championship Gold. He took mmmmedals at three different Olympics. But none of them were gold.

He split his achievements between the sprint events, and Gurgler Olympic favourite – the Kierin.

Gary Niewand took gold at three consecutive Commonwealth games, and added more gold in World Championship in 93 and 96.

He even won a bronze at the forgotten tournament that was the Goodwill Games. Remember that? Of course you do.

He also won the prestigious Australian Sports Medal in 2000. Whatever that is.

So much achievement. So many medals and gold in other Games. But as none of them ended in Olympic Gold he qualifies for the Forgotten Olympics Crap Fantale Hall of Fame.

But sadly, like a lot of of our forgotten Olympians, he fell on hard times after his on track career was over. Still smarting over not winning a gold at the Sydney Olympics.

That hard times actually included hard time as he is the first of our Forgotten Olympic Crap Fantales to go behind bars.

The depth and details of the fall from grace aren’t important. We’re only concerned with his achievement and entry into our Hall O Fame. What is equally important is that he has recovered.

So let’s overlook the off track, after career blip, and the fact there is was no Olympic Gold. He deserves more, and so we give a spot on our Forgotten Olympic Crap Fantale Hall of Fame.

Help received from Wikipedia for some of the above info.



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