NRL Round 20 Preview – The Gurgler’s Kick to Come

There's always a Kick to Come, and as ever we have our NRL Preview for Round 20. A four game compost heap of rugby league.

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The Gurgler has our weekly preview of the NRL – the Kick to Come – which has our thoughts about all things NRL Round 20 and rugby league this weekend.

As ever instead of a full eight game preview, we’ve got lazy and just highlight the top 5 things we’re looking forward to.

Not that there’s not something great to happen in every game of NRL Round 20, we just don’t want to go into pleasure overload. Now that there is 8 games with full strength teams back.

Here’s our five things we’re looking for in NRL Round 20.

  • Firstly, welcome back a full eight games with 16 full strength teams. About f***ing time. Arguments about standalone will continue to be ignored  by the NRL, but we’re used to that here and only having one regular reader hasn’t stopped us continuing to whine. One day it will happen and State of Origin and the NRL will be vastly improved.
  • It looks an easy week to tip with loads O favourites, but there’s always a blow out round before the end of the season, and this one could be it. Broncos have had been in form that warrant $1.25 favouritism over the Panthers having beaten an already defeated South Sydney last weekend to break the drought. Are Manly going that much better than Souths to deserve $1.70?Three of the other favourites are coming off a bye. Sharks are a deserving $1.05 but are they due for their “loss they have to have” before the finals? Even the improving Roosters look capable of upsetting Melbourne. Value there for the brave and/or the silly.It’s getting to last chance saloon for those in tipping comp nation wide to claw back the deficit with a perfect upset round.
  • No Corey Norman, No Semi Radradra, No Michael Jennings, No board of the Leagues Club, No Idea how to run a Club. All that lies ahead of Parramatta, yet somehow they have not yet imploded. With the rumours that Norman won’t return this year it seems impossible for them to make the eight. Not that they deserve to after their blatant cheating, but it will be interesting to see how close they get. Beating an in form Gold Coast will help.
  • Canberra v NZ Warriors should be the entertaining clash of NRL Round 20. All three sides offer plenty for the casual rugby league fan. Canberra and both of the Warriors sides. Perfect for a Saturday afternoon to kick off a Super Saturday.
  • The fifth and last thing we’re looking forward to is the Rugby League World Cup. They decided midweek to get in early and announce the venues and fixtures for the 2017 edition. Almost a full 500 days before the kick off. Hopefully Fox Sports will televise the games as the clashes of the lesser knowns are almost as good if not better than the big teams. At least Fox Sports might show a game from PNG, unlike the QRL and Channel 9.


Bet early – bet often.

BULLDOGS +8.5 start v Cowboys
PENRITH +12.5 start v Broncos
NZ +8.5 start v Canberra
GOLD COAST to beat Parramatta
ROOSTERS +8.5 start v Melbourne
NEWCASTLE +24.5 start v Sharks
+40.5 points – Tigers v Dragons
SOUTHS to beat Manly

$1 for $113