NRL Round 19 Preview – The Gurgler’s Kick to Come

There's always a Kick to Come, and as ever we have our NRL Preview for Round 19. A four game compost heap of rugby league.

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Time for the Gurglers NRL Round 19 preview – the weekly Kick to Come. Our thoughts on the 6 game round of NRL of a range of “Meh” games lies ahead.

Now that State of Origin is finally over, we are finally allowed to get back into the NRL. Well once all the teams are back. Not before time too with the finals seven rounds away.

We provide our five things we’re looking forward to for the weekend, which is convenient given there’s only 6 games.

  • For the NRL to go back to normal mode and have 8 games featuring all 16 teams at full strength.
  • To see which of the competition’s least in form sides – Souths and Broncos – can prevail. A once premium clash looks like an also ran Saturday clash. Also rans are exactly what the Rabbitohs look like at the moment, losing and playing dreadful football. The zero scored against the Cowboys just about sums up their season, and what will be ultimately achieved. Thank Christ Souths saw the light and signed one of their only decent players in 2016 – Cody Walker. The form lines aren’t great – Broncos have won two game since may, same as Souths. Although the Rabbitohs didn’t win in April either.
  • How NZ fare in Perth against Manly. As if travelling from New Zealand wasn’t enough every second week, the poor buggers have been forced to double their travel time and play in Perth. The Warriors are yet to win in Perth when invited to play there by various clubs. Strange choice from Manly to cross the country to play a game there considering very few would cross the harbour to watch a game. At least Manly might go close to home crowd of more than 18,000. it will be the second game in Perth and will be interesting to see the local interest, given the WA capital appears to be first off the rank for a new franchise.
  • How Parramatta respond to officially having the points taken off them. Judging by their hard fought win over the Roosters, probably pretty good. With all the off field dramas – and the Eels have set a new benchmark for off field – they have somehow kept the team together. Losing Semi Radradra won’t help, neither will the return of Michael Jennings from Origin. An  all Sydney local derby, and as a result is the Sunday afternoon game on Channel 9. Of course it is. Although quite justifiable this time, as it looks the game of the round. Which says a lot about NRL Round 19. We all wait now for the exit of Foran for the return of Forgotten Olympian Jarryd Hayne.
  • Get the clichés ready. As a result of origin being over origin bolter needs to be put on ice for another year, we now have to rely on tried and true ones leading into the finals. Terms like Real Deal v Dark Horse. Contenders v Pretenders. Finals bolter. Dangerous Floater. All will be used, some are justified like Dark Horse for the Raiders, and Dangerous Floater for the Warriors. And possibly Parramatta could have a cliché in there somewhere. Either way bring on Round 20 and some proper NRL.