Forgotten Olympian Crap Fantale #5 – Jarryd Hayne

Our search for forgotten Olympians continues as we another into our Crap Fantales Hall of Fame.

Our forgotten Olympian Crap Fantales is a series where we highlight some of our Olympians who may never have taken gold, or may never take gold, but are still deserving of some credit for their achievements. Join us for another trip down memory lane except this time we celebrate an Olympic career that never actually quite made it – with Jarryd Hayne.

With 24 days to go before the Rio 2016 games kick off we unveil our fifth inductee in our Forgotten Olympian Crap Fantale Hall of Fame.

Whilst we have concentrated on those who made the Olympics but never quite cracked it for gold, this time Jarryd Hayne is featured – an Olympic career that almost made it.


Darren Clark
Glen Housman
Jumpin’ Jai Taurima
Martin Vinnicombe – MMMMMMedal winner

Hayne won massive praise for his exploits in the NFL for the 49ers having the ambition to leave the comfort of the NRL and making the starting side in San Francisco. For sticking it out for the season too when it was clear he was on the outer.

When he quit for the dream to get to Rio on the back of the Fiji Rugby sevens it was ambitious at best, or highly wishful thinking at worst.

The Fiji Rugby Sevens team are one of the best in the world if not the best over a sustained period. To think he could crowbar his way into the side just months before the big show starts was slightly arrogant.

He was an outside chance if blew them away at the London sevens. He didn’t, and the Olympics were unlikely from there. If they ever were likely.

Parramatta Eels looks the likely end destination, and this will be useful for Fox Sports to fill their weekly Jarryd Hayne quota of news.

Does that mean his Olympic dream should be over? With that not going to happen until 2017, he will have plenty of spare time.

We’ve decided to help him find another Olympic sport to allow Jarryd Hayne to get to Rio 2016.



If any Olympic sport match some of the skills involved in rugby league it is the discuss. Jarryd Hayne only has to channel some of his best cut out passes to be amongst the medals in the discuss for Australia or Fiji.



Since most are pulling out of the golf, and Jason Day once said he was impressed by Hayne playing for the 49ers. What more qualification does one need to represent Australia in Golf at Rio.



Given his abrupt chopping and changing between sports, what would better suit this than the five event special. Given that it is an event that usually attains somewhere between zero and zero interest during the Olympics, what better way to boost the profile with Jarryd Hayne taking part in the shooting, fencing, swimming, running, horse riding festival.



Although having never played for the Melbourne Storm, Hayne’s years in rugby league will have served him well if he wishes to pursue Olympic dreams on the mats.