British Grand Prix – Good, Bad & Ugly

The 2016 Austrian Grand Prix has been run and won, and The Gurgler provides their thoughts on all things Formula 1 and not from the race that was.

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The British Grand Prix came just a week after the last race in Austria which ended in Rosberg tears and Hamilton cheers and jeers. Great to have a race every week, and no doubt Bernie would feel the same, but time to soak it up before the dreaded summer break.

As ever, or when we can be bothered, we have our point form review about the Good, Bad and Ugly of the British Grand Prix race and race weekend.


Another golden weekend for the golden boy of British motorsport. He’s within a point of Rosberg, and will more than likely be in front come the summer break. One of the best drivers in the best car, only reliability problems have stopped him already leading.


That passing move on Rosberg was moment of the race, and an overtaking manoeuvrer for the ages. Has put pressure on Daniel Ricciardo to perform, and their internal competition may push Red Bull closer to the Mercedes. Rosberg’s penalty gave him the second he deserved as second best driver on the day.


A proper racing circuit with proper corners. Fast and flowing, its corners are copied with new Tilkified tracks but you can’t beat the original. The most recent upgrade didn’t do a great deal of damage.


No one takes full advantage of a changeable race or an opportunity to surprise than the Mexican. Whenever the big three slip up it is usually Perez that finds himself the next best. He’s missed the Ferrari gig for 2017, but after the disaster that was McLaren he’s probably better off in the big fish small pond territory.


Always worth keeping an eye on the junior formula which usually produces quality racing. Without a dominant car / driver like last year with Vandoorne there’s almost a different name each race at the front. And the villain of the field Sergio Canamasas. Two races on offer each Grand Prix weekend.




OK, so the stewards made the decision to start the British Grand Prix with the safety car early, but it should have pulled in after one lap or at least well before when it did. The fact that most of the field went for Inters as soon as it pulled off was a good sign that the drivers could have been let go earlier. Whilst no one wants to see a drivers hurt, or a race spoiled by aquaplaning, the fans do want to see some of the best paid sportspeople on earth doing it at its toughest. They are meant to be the best of the best, so let then prove it.




Ridiculous, and like Qualifying, a shit idea that should be changed immediately. Either have no radio or all radio. Trying to code messages or back and forths like legal proceedings is not what fans want. Maybe if the FIA spend as much time on finding ways to allow cars to race, it would be a great show.


The British Grand Prix was not one of their best, and with Max Verstappen’s arrival sparking Red Bull into life, they will be lucky to finish second, let alone providing a genuine, sustained challenge to Mercedes like promised early in the year.


Always disappointing not to see the Williams taking more advantage of their Mercedes engine. Talk of Button returning is the opposite direction they need.

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