Election16 Conspiracy – ABC to blame for chaos

After all the 8 weeks of Election campaigning, hi-vis vests, saving Medicare, Jobs and Growth, and Alan Jones we have what looks like our second hung parliament in 3 elections.

But who’s to blame?

News Limited blame ALP for audacity of almost winning an election.

Coalition blame ALP for their Mediscare campaign.

Looking at the possible formation of the new Senate, Malcolm Turnbull would probably prefer to be working alongside Motoring Enthusiasts and former front row forwards, than the new batch of minor parties in the Senate.

Since he called the Double Dissolution in the first place that’s Malcolm Turnbull’s fault then isn’t it? The Bolt Report and all of the Fox News toting Abbott supporters say so too.

Malcolm Turnbull supporters say it is Tony Abbott’s fault for not pissing off out of the limelight.

We certainly don’t blame Nick Xenophon senator Stirling Griff, who has politics’ best name. Along with Charles Strunk. And Milton Dick.

We blame Eden Monaro for not being a Bell Weather seat anymore. Or maybe it will still be.

The Liberal Party blame Alan Jones. And Alan Jones blames bed wetters.

Surely Nick Kygrios isn’t immune from the blame.

Or how about the Australian public in general, who voted for minor parties in record numbers instead of doing what we asked to by the government and vote for stability?

No, the answer is far more complicated and sinister than you believe, and we’ve had this thought for a few elections, but the evidence became all too clear after this installment of the great political stoush.

Take this graph of election results based on 2 Party Preferred over time, nothing sinister there at all. Just trends going up and down over time.

election 2pp graph







But have a look at the graph since 2000, there seems to be a familiar shape about it.

2PP from 2000







Looks familiar? Got the link? Let us dig a little deeper below.


conspiracy theory unveiled







That’s right. The election chaos is caused by the ABC. The perfectly shaped trend of the elections since 2000 have finally proven that it was the ABC that caused this chaos all along. And they’ve finally been caught out.

Why do you ask? Well it is all about TV Ratings. As the Rating reports from Saturday night show the ABC killed the Election Coverage battle, getting over a million tuning if you include online and ABC News 24.

Whilst Antony Green and his powerful PC are the undisputed king of the calling the election (better than even the AEC) and are known all over for this power, what is lesser known is sinister. That the ABC have a similar computer program that has the polling information and what is needed to change government and they change their editorial view in accordance with the findings.

This means the ABC are not ALP biased as many Sky News / News Ltd experts / Hotdogs from Big Brother would tell you, they are merely trying to ensure that the electorate swings perfectly to squeeze the TV ratings.

The success of their coverage is undeniable, and is their crutch against repeated  (and mostly successful) attempts to cut their budget. usually from the blue side of politics. They even faced more budget cuts as late as May 2016 just before the election was called.

So with another budget cut over their head, the ABC went into it’s own election mode to ensure the swing back to ALP just enough for a hung parliament. Not only the TV Ratings bonanza on the Saturday night, but the huge influx of traffic to their websites on the night and the days after.

As the confusion reigns, Australians will turn to the safest option, and that will always be the ABC. Because when the Ejector Seat graphics, commercial news LCD, people trying to bait Pauline Hanson for laughs and Laurie Oakes Imelda Marcos sized tie cabinet have all been packed away, it’s the ABC who are still punching away at the election. The Australian public rightly put their faith in the ABC.

But little do they know it is all subliminal. You may miss it with all the distractions of modern life, but during the campaign weeks, subliminal messages were broadcast during their shows. Like Mad as Hell, The Chaser, ABC News Bulletin, and Sarah and Duck on ABCKids, just to ensure the next generation are not forgotten.

Some examples of what you may have missed are below.

abc news gif















alp come get it








sarah duck sub msg 1






news desk sub msg








So now that the truth is out there, it probably won’t stop anyone from following the coverage, as at least the ABC attempt to make it interesting.

But be wary that the ABC have only their interest at heart each time we go to the polls.



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