Gurgler Election Night Fun Presents…The James Diaz Election Night Word Match Game

Not enough to do on Election Night between the two tipping games, your wagers on the outcomes, the Election Night Bingo from our Election Guide, and the dinner party with carton upon carton of MF Lager? Well why not play the all new James Diaz Word Match Game.

Do you know what goes with Former ALP Powerbroker? Or know the Lower House seat that carries the term of Bell Weather? Or the name of that Liberal bloke who always seems to pop up on Election Niight.

Well why not try our James Diaz Election Night Match A Word Game.

Named after the former candidate in Western Sydney who couldn’t match the five policies of last election, providing a rare highlight.

All you have to do is match the description to the person.

Fun for all the family.

James diaz match word game v1




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