Gurgler Election Tipping #2 – The Golden Colston-O Chee MMMMedal Senate Tipping Game

One Election Night Tipping Game was never going to be enough, and so we unveil our second tipping competition - this time based on the Senate. Filling out your tips is almost as inconvenient as dealing with the Senate Voting slip.

As if the saga of the longest election campaign of all time wasn’t enough, fan of The Gurgler have sit through not one but two election night tipping games. This is in addition to our Election night Bingo which was part of our 2016 Election Guide that we forgot we did some time ago.

But some people can’t get enough of Election related stuff, and this is aimed squarely at the two people who visit our website who fall into this category.

So, get your election pencil and tipping mindset ready for the Golden Colston O Chee MMMMedal Senate Tipping Game.


It’s easy and impossible, and will take only a bit longer than folding the 13.5 metre Senate voting paper small enough to fit into the ballot box this Saturday. Well for those suckers who haven’t voted early.

There are only 37 different Senate Parties on offer at this election, and the inconvenience of having to select at least will not only cause a surge in informal votes but will take a shitload less time than our tipping comp.

Your job is to tip all 37 Senate Parties in order of their share of the primary vote, sounds easy because it is. Sorry no independent as that becomes too hard for us to ignore to mark.

We have supplied a list of all the 37 Parties on offer, with a short explanation on the principles to assist you to put them in the right order. This may even make your choice on Saturday easier. Pirate Party first, then others 2nd to 6th preference.



Using the below table, put your selections in the first column somehow and send it to us at with the subject Golden Colston O’Chee – why not check out the prize on offer after the table too.

Your Tip Party Attempt at Poor Joke or Explanation from Wikipedia
Labor Pro Union – Anti Courier Mail
LNP Pro Big Business Anti Poor People
Greens Pro Environment Anti Everything Else
Glen Lazarus Team Pro Queensland and Rucks Anti NRL Bunker
Australian Defence Veterans Party is a minor political party which formed to advocate for military veterans
Animal Justice Party representing an animal rights
Australian Liberty Alliance minor political party in Australia that opposes Muslim immigration
Arts candidates formed to support the arts community
Christian Democratic Party (Australia) Its leader is Fred Nile,
Citizens Electoral Council have been described as “far right” “fascist” “lunar right”
Australian Christians aim to represent Christian values
CountryMinded claims to represent the interests of regional Australians
Australian Cyclists Party aims to raise awareness of cycling-related issues
Democratic Labour Party (Australia) that espouses social conservatism and opposes neo-liberalism
Drug Law Reform Australia aims of the party are to create a new regulatory system for illegal drugs in Australia
Family First an economically and socially conservative political party in Australia
Health Australia Party It seeks to promote “open and transparent” Government decision making
Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party Pro trim beards
Katter’s Australian Party supports large weapons and tennis balls.
Jacqui Lambie Network Pro Neck Wear
Liberal Democratic Party broadly based on classical liberal principles
Mature Australia Party For Mature people
Australian Equality Party (Marriage) promotes equality and human rights
Online Direct Democracy does not have any policies. Instead it has pledged to conduct an online poll for every bill that passes before Parliament.
Pauline Hanson’s One Nation The party has a strongly nationalist and conservative platform
Australian Progressives Dental Plan. Lisa need braces.
Pirate Party is a political party in Australia that has traditionally represented civil liberty issues
Palmer United Party. Pfffft
Renewable Energy Party Renewable Energy
Rise Up Australia Party opposing the spread of Islamic doctrine in Australia and opposition to same-sex marriage.
Secular Party of Australia It supports secular humanist ethical principles
SEP candidates is a trotskyist political party in Australia.
Sex Party/HEMP Party Like bongs and boink.
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party Not the Katter Party
Sustainable Australia opposes population growth and advocates a sustainable population for Australia, citing environmental and economic concerns
VOTEFLUX.ORG | Upgrade Democracy! Its platform is to change the way that decisions are made, not to influence the actual decisions
Nick Xenophon Team his motivation was “the electorate’s lack of trust in politics and voter disillusionment

Party Information copy and pasted from Wikipedia


The overall winner will be announced at the website by the Monday after the election.

The winner gets their choice of the following T-Shirt and the inaugural Golden Colston O’Chee MMMMedal.



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truss pillow

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