State of Origin 2 Channel 9 Gurgler Power Rankings

The excitement of the second Origin is barely over and we have the all important rankings after the coverage.

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On the back of our successful Game 1 Power Rankings for the Channel 9 coverage that got plenty of views on a much better website The Roar, we offer up another analysis on the rolling hype machine that is the Channel 9 Origin coverage.

Everyone loves a rating out of 10 on the day after a State of Origin, with newspaper articles and website attracting many viewers so they can judge what the experts think in comparison to their own thoughts. And after the first Origin, there was many a person who was willing to poo-poo the Channel 9 offering, most of them probably the Fox Sports snobs like me who have been spoiled by the outstanding coverage on offer this season and Warren Smith.

Was it better this time around? You think Channel 9 listen to league fans? Judging by the howls of discontent after each origin and Test in cricket, probably not. Read on, and find out.


Like a good referee who goes through a game almost unnoticed, so was Channel 9’s coverage tonight. In fairness they had a much better game to talk about than the first game, but there was nothing major to pick faults with. Maybe it was the fact that this was the second time this year a Fox Sports Snob has watched Channel 9 this year, so the culture shock wasn’t as much. Maybe it was because I avoided all of last weekend’s rubbish 4 game NRL fixture list so the hunger for rugby league was at a high. Avoiding all the previous week’s NRL was a taster for when Origin should and must be standalone. For the good of both Origin and the NRL.

Whatever, the coverage didn’t seem to grate as much as the first game. Although, the continued use of the Spider Cam is over the top and is technology for technology sake. Better than the first game, but still annoying. Although not Chanel 9’s fault, but the half time interviews are sport’s biggest waste of time. They add absolutely nothing, if not negative to the coverage. Much like most of the sideline comments from Brad Fittler. And Brett Finch has contributed as much to Origin as Paul Bowman did or Dylan Walker ever will, and is the Casey Maguire of rugby league media personalities. Want more obscure rugby league players, well how about a shameless plug for our A to Z of forgotten rugby league players.

Ads suck, but that’s the territory of commercial TV, and time to suck it up as a Fox Sports snob. One thing though, as State of Origin and Intrust Super Cup is the only reason we’ll watch Channel 9 for, you do appreciate what you are missing. And thank the Lord you have no idea who is in the Voice.



Better than the first game, and maybe it was what seemed like more background noise that gave him the extra zip. Seemed a bit more even with his excitement than the first game, and one of his better efforts. A good game helps. Although should take a leaf out of the Corey Parker playbook and look to retire on top, or at least before the edge of the cliff has been crossed. Yvonne Sampson proved new blood is good, so maybe time for Mat Thompson to be promoted.


Still the best, and insights are still top notch. But that’s no less than expected these days.


Kept the old ladies arguing schtick with Rabs to a minimum and pointed out quite a few poignant points for NSW during the coverage. The Blues could do worse than bring him in as some kind of consultant for future series. His record speaks for itself when it come to Origin success for NSW. Did well to keep the disappointment down given the continual series losses. Generous in praise for Queensland


Still better than Wally, but still too quick to try and try prove he’s not a Queensland devotee. Is there any reason we need four commentators anyway.


This time I sat through the pre game hype. And when we say sat through I mean it was recorded and watched after the game so I didn’t have to sit through the ads. Being a Fox Sports snob that I have become.

First of all, the use of the Suicide Squad for the Ultimate State of Origin Squad website poll was one of the poorest commercial crossovers Channel 9 have rolled out yet. Pure pus, and appalling. Especially when including Greg Bird in the question which players has Harley Quinns’s smarts. Greg Bird is more at the S-M-R-T end of the intelligence pool. We get it, you have tie in with the Suicide Squad. Still not going to watch it.

The constant barrage of Sports betting ads was annoying, but to be fair that’s pure NRL these days and is unavoidable. As is the national anthem. Still can’t quite work out why we need it for an interstate clash each match.

As a whole it wasn’t too bad, but still not enough for me to tune in before 8:22pm next match.



It didn’t seem as bad as last time, and that was probably down to a much superior game. Although there was nothing that I’ve missed since moving to Fox Sports, with the exception of Peter Sterling, who bobs up there anyway.




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