The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from the 2016 Azerbaijan/European/Baku Grand Prix

Welcome to our Review of the European GP from Baku in Azerbaijan GP. We still have our point form review, we've just changed it to make it look 107% fancier with a cliched title and format. Works for us anyway. We've even forgone the usual intro saving you vital time.

2017 azerbaijan grand prix



Plenty of scepticism before the Grand Prix started, the track was actually not that bad at all. The ridiculously tight castle section is actually a breath of fresh air as it beats the wide open spaces that have become the model of choice for most of the Tilkefied circuits. The tight 90 degree bends usually means boring, but as throughout the weekend there’s nothing like the driver having to chose from possibly hitting a wall or disappearing up the escape road.  A massive change from the usual where drivers are still not punished despite running 200 metres wide of a corner. Like Monaco, you wouldn’t want a calendar full of tracks like these, but it’s nice to have something different.


The Force India looked good all weekend, and was it not for binning it in P3 which caused so much damage a gearbox change was needed, he would have kept his second spot after qualifying and who knows for the race. Always seems to take the chances on offer, unlike the higher rate Hulk. Pass on Kimi wasn’t needed, but maybe a point was being made to Ferrari about employment prospects for 2017.


A good response to a couple of ordinary GPs. Although that car on pole makes life easier than for most.




Fox Sports not showing the GP2 action. Hints were given throughout the Sky broadcast about the chaotic racing on offer from the junior category, but no sign over the weekend. It made it all that little bit more annoying when the F1 GP turned out to be a little dull. And people wonder why people find downloads instead.


2016 was never going to be easy, but the return of the full works Renault hasn’t been great, and doesn’t look like improving. You get the feeling Palmer is only one more bad race from the boot.




A shame after another great qualifying performance, but the race itself wasn’t great, and hopefully we haven’t seen the peak in 2016.


The radio exchange between Lewis Hamilton and his team was interesting, as more frustration for the Briton after he put his car into the wall in qualifying.

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