The Good, The Bad and the Ugly from the Canadian Grand Prix

Welcome to our Review of the Canadian GP. We still have our point form review, we've just changed it to make it look 107% fancier with a cliched title and format. Works for us anyway. We've even forgone the usual intro saving you vital time.


  • Begrudging kudos to Lewis Hamilton who is king of Montreal with five wins now in the nine years the race has been held since he started in F1.
  • Same begrudging kudos to Sebastian Vettel for not only his start, but giving Hamilton plenty of competition throughout.
  • William back on the podium. Everyone seems to enjoy it when Williams go well, and Bottas showed a timely reminder of his skills.



  • Rosberg. Has now displayed over the last two races why no one could quite trust him to run away with the Championship despite a pile of wins. Whilst Lewis Hamilton’s poor run was down to a large serving of bad luck and mechanical issues, Rosberg has looked quite ordinary in the past two races. Bookended his race of quality with an off road run only to cut in front of the pack, and a final corner spin attempting to get by Max Verstappen. Hamilton is within 9 points now and has al the momentum. Sure his buddy Lewis Hamilton helped the situation at the first corner, but the end result did look quite amateurish.
  • Podium interviews. Have been relatively pointless for some time now with the expected clichéd boring questions. But it pointlessness ramped up with actor Michael Douglas asking the questions.



  • Daniel Ricciardo’s race. Neither great nor bad, it was one that just never looked likely after he got trumped by Rosberg’s sideways Mercedes on the first lap. That he was stuck behind Kimi was apt, who is a driver who has had many of these type of races in a Ferrari.



  • Seagulls determining the outcome of the race. Okay, so it wasn’t an official excuse from Vettel and did provide some light hearted banter, but it was the best Formula 1 excuse offered since Red Bull attempted to explain a Mark Webber retirement at a Singapore Grand Prix by a train passing in an underneath subway sending static electricity up through a manhole cover and into the Red Bull gearbox.
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