NRL Under Investigation for Match Fixing – 6 Alternative Events that should be investigated

Breaking News - the NRL is under a Police Investigation for potential match fixing - we may have found a few more to look into.

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Big breaking news the day after the NRL’s showpiece event – State of Origin 1 – and if the Channel 9 coverage wasn’t bad enough news – it was announced that the NRL is under investigation by Police for potential match fixing.

The games in question are Manly v Souths round 16 last year and Manly v Parramatta round 24 last year. Manly lost both times, and in the instance of how bad Souths’ season was unraveling at that point, it is certainly worth a look, as the Rabbitohs were a busted arse unit either side of this win.

These games may not be the only ones, and at The Gurgler we are helpful if nothing else, and always up for further suggestions, welcome or not.

Not that we’re accusing anyone of anything here, and throwing an allegedly blanket over the lot, but some of these results or the events within the game are worth a look if you’ve already got the Police involved.



The Broncos were well on the way to a finals tilt in late 2015 when they came across a Manly side struggling to hold its season together and make an unlikely finals run themselves. So it was with some surprise that Manly were leading 20-0 at half time, and continued that dominance into a 44-14 victory. Maybe it was the fact that it had just been announced that Geoff Toovey was to get the arse, or that the Broncos hate playing at the Central Coast Stadium, scared off by the giant inflatable sauce bottles, even so it should warrant a looksy by the fuzz.



With the drop of the century in the grand final of the century, would we be likely to see something worth investigating regarding potential match fixing?



You’d have to investigate a game where anyone would attempt a field goal from 40 metres in the dying seconds of a game when you’re down by 2.

May need to take shifts on this game given the lack of interesting things in the 8-6 Dragons win.



At the suggestion of Frankington Stanley, regular contributor to The Gurgler via Facebook, he demands an investigation into potential match fixing costing NSW the win. The blame is squarely laid at the Bunker, who may be guilty of quite a few sporting crimes in 2016, but maybe not ruling out a try on purpose for deceitful means. Incompetent at times yes but not dishonest.  Or maybe it still warrants a look.



Red Bull may give you wings, but in 2016 at Monaco Red Bull does not give you wins. Bringing in your driver who is easily in control of a race for a pitstop and failing to prepare any tyres is worth investigating in anyone’s mind. Given the scowl on his face for days after the event, I wouldn’t bother interviewing Daniel Ricciardo. Someone surely will be found guilty of Grand Prix Theft Auto, but maybe not match fixing.



Ok, so we’re getting a mile away from the NRL, but miles away and given the 5000-1 offered at the start of the season for the Foxes to win an unlikely EPL title, Police may well be smart to investigate players and staff involved with the big clubs, and any unusual betting patterns. Especially Chelsea who were the worst of the underperforming big guns in 2015-16. Bets on Leicester to win the EPL before October won’t be too hard to track down, and I’d be checking relationships to EPL stars.


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