The Gurgler’s Guide to the 2016 Australian Federal Election

A federal election has been called and we couldn't be happier, as one of our favourite evenings is the Election night coverage on the ABC. But it's a long, tedious process before then, so we endeavour to find something more interesting to do with the soundbites and staged political pressers.

Welcome to our Guide to the 2016 Election.

Instead of providing a length, insightful, well researched piece on who wins here and there and examining the policies, we provide a restaurant style placemat of our favourite things to look for and do for this year’s big poll.

There’s a Campaign Bingo card to cross off the catchphrases as the news tries their hardest to turn a 30 minute speech into a 5 second sound bite that a sizeable chunk of Australia determine their vote on. There’s also one for the Election night coverage to keep you interested if you aren’t watching the ABC coverage. If you are tuning into Green an Co. you would not need any other entertainment.

We provide the latest in novelty bets and our fearless selections for the election. There’s also a bunch of Top 5’s of our choice that attempts to squeeze the most interesting things of the election into 25 bite sized pieces. Like the election coverage in general really. We have no agenda though, just lazy.

Stay tuned for our “popular” Election Tipping game – Lyne Ball. Battle your friends and family to be the ultimate 2016 Election tipster and win the Golden Colston award.

So look for our placemat of politics below.

If you want a more thorough guide, why not head over to Green Country at the ABC’s Election website. That’s where we go for actual Election analysis.

We’re only disappointed that ALP’s Brisbane City Councillor Charles Strunk isn’t running in this election.

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