Brisbane Monopoly Suggestions from The Gurgler

The call has gone out for suggestions for a new version of Monopoly featuring just Brisbane locations. As ever we have suggestions, but unlike the norm who'll go for the obvious, we champion the lesser known and loved.

brisbane monopoly game

We’ve already shared one of our thoughts with our demand at the inclusion of Doboy Station as one of the Train Stations. So jump on board that campaign, but for the consideration of the Brisbane Monopoly decision makers and our many reader here, we offer up some suggestions for inclusions in the Brisbane version.

But they can’t all be Park Lanes, Mayfair and Oxford Streets. For every one of the richer locations the original Monopoly has Old Kent Road, Angel Islington and Whitechapel Road. So down the brown and light blue end of the board, we offer up some locations.

If you want to know more about Brisbane Monopoly here’s the original news story.

Here’s the Facebook place to go and vote for your and our favourites.


Is there a better named road in greater Brisbane? No. It hasn’t been the same since it has been fully sealed but it still deserve consideration for Brisbane Monopoly.


Landing on this square will allow you to jump 6 squares ahead to signify the time savings from the tunnel. However you will lose 2 turns on where you land, to signify the disaster that has become the Western Freeway in afternoon peak.


We need to showcase a shopping centre, so why not step back into history and the future with the now defunct Space City Shopping Centre. A Spaced themed Shopping Centre housed in giant domes on Brisbane’s northern outskirts in the 1970’s and 80’s. Need to know more – why not check out Space City’s nomination into our Crap Fantale Hall of Fame.


We also need a waterway, and the Brisbane River is the most obvious, but we’re not after obvious. Cabbage Tree Creek is an important meandering waterway across northern Brisbane, but we have simply chosen it because it has the best name. Close second was Yebri Creek.


Originally for Expo 88, it was to be sold to Japanese interests until Brisbane businessman, philanthropist, power boat enthusiast, and Phone App specialist stepped in and up for Brisbane and kept it at his South Brisbane HQ.


Many a good time was had at Albion Park back in the day, and is there a more glamorous place in Brisbane. Or at worst it could be the Old Kent Road of the Brisbane Monopoly. Or perhaps you could use Deagon Racetrack. At least it would get some use.


You need four stations, and we’ve already discussed the pros and zero cons of Doboy Station. So we need three more. Central, Roma Street and South Brisbane are the obvious ones, but they aren’t as good as Ebbw Vale, Lota and Sunshine stations.


But why let us think of all the obscure places that need to be on the Monopoly board. Why not suggest one of your own below.