The Good, Bad & Ugly from the Russian GP

Welcome to our Review of the Russian GP. We still have our point form review, we've just changed it to make it look 107% fancier with a cliched title and format. Works for us anyway.


Nico Rosberg

Living a charmed life since Lewis Hamilton won the 2015 Championship. Seven wins in a row, and life doesn’t get much easier than in Russia where the two nearest compeditors were unable to compete for Pole and started too far behind to properly challenge or were wiped out.


For some reason Williams are much more likeable when they aren’t winning everything, so when they could barely score a point they became a lot people’s second team, So when they score as many points as they did in Russia, a lot of people are happy. Although the gap to Mercedes by the end of the race means they’ll need first corner carnage and more Mercedes failures


Hopefully the corner has been turned for McLaren after Alonso’s sixth place. Like Williams being a lap down and helped by others bad luck means they won’t be winning anytime soon. but neither will anyone else.


Dani Kyvat

In one poorly judged run to the first corner he wiped out his team mate’s chances of anything in Russia, and not happy with that and his first touch on Vettel he completed the job a few hundred metres later. Ruining any chance of Vettel possibly taking it to Rosberg out front. He was always likely to lose his gig to Max Verstappen in 2017, but with his efforts in Russia he may just talk himself out of any car in 2017. He’ll disappear like most ex Red Bull drivers who don’t quite make it. Probably into Formula E or Indycars.


Anyone who has to interview Lewis Hamilton in the current climate of Mercedes issues and Rosberg domination. The very affable and knowledgeable Ted Kravitz from Sky had his hands full after qualifying, as Lewis looked ever more arrogant and petulant. British motorsport press will hope he wins again soon. British tabloids though will be happy with the current diet of celebrity and fashion to feed the LCD.


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