The Gurgler’s Red Five Things We’re Looking Forward to for the 2016 Russian Grand Prix

The F1 circus moves to Russia for the next round of the Championship, and we have a few thoughts on what we're looking forward to. As ever we'll be using the Mansell Red Five Index Theorem. Unlike the F1 management process, we won't change our mind despite being unpopular.

Here’s a few thoughts on the Grand Prix ahead this weekend, keeping it to just five points, and as ever, using the Mansell Red Five Index Theorem. Saving you time reading and our time writing.

The GP is in Russia, which moves from the time where the Championship is almost wrapped up to the much earlier timeslot.

One wonders if we’ll get another sighting of Steven Seagal this year. We can only hope that it is one we can’t miss..


  • Lewis Hamilton posting his first video playing Prince’s guitar which he bought for $100,000. The new album sounds like a cracker if he’s channelling the great Prince, especially if he wheels out a high pitched rendition of Kiss. Or maybe he’ll do a remake of Dave Stewart’s Lily Was Here with Thierry Boutsen doing the Candy Dulfer Saxophone part. Maybe on the podium after qualifying he could do a set of Guitar only instrumentals featuring the entire Joe Satriani album Surfing With The Alien, the Califonian Guitar Trio’s version of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Theme, and for the first ever an electric guitar virtuoso performance of Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Fanfare for the Common Man. Oh, and I guess we’re interested in seeing how he bounces back from China with his old engine. Or not.


  • Hopefully more Red Bull progress after their fine showing in China. Insert Bull in a China Shop here – we can’t be bothered. Hopefully without the Webber-like luck Ricciardo received last race. The closer they get to Ferrari, the harder the red cars will push to catch Mercedes. If only Red Bull had of got their hands on a year old Ferrari engine for 2016. Lord knows what engine they’ll end up with 2017 with the F1 decisions makers aka Clowns taking their time.


  • The big long Turn 4 on the opening lap. Can’t wait to see two and three cars and more wide if possible. There’s not a great deal left to pass with after that. Although Vettel will hopefully be watching for other cars in Russia, and hopefully the other drivers behave themselves. No guarantee though, and that’s why it’s so great.


  • To see how the new head protection system works on the Red Bull in FP1. Some drivers are already calling it silly, so we can judge for ourselves sometime tonight.


  • Another Finn v Finn battle this weekend. Although it ended in tears last season another serving minus the crash would be great. And who doesn’t want to know who the ultimate Finn is in any field?


Our best bets of the weekend to come.

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