The Gurgler’s Red Five Things We’re Looking Forward to for the 2016 Chinese Grand Prix

The F1 circus moves to China for the third round of the Championship, and we have a few thoughts on what we're looking forward to. As ever we'll be using the Mansell Red Five Index. Unlike the F1 management process, we won't change our mind despite being unpopular.

Another Grand Prix has come around far too quickly, and before you know it will be the summer break and Mercedes have wrapped up the Constructors Championship. We hope not, but there are signs.

Qualifying returns to 2015 standard, and will be interesting to see if the teams are happy now. We have another Qualifying idea proposal, but more on that later.

There’s always plenty happening down the grid, and China has been the home of some great drives from the back of the grid. And possibly rain for qualifying. Quite a number of boxes ticked. Potentially.

Here’s a thoughts on the Grand Prix ahead this weekend, keeping it to just five points, and as ever, using the Mansell Red Five theorem.


  • The first qualifying session since it has reverted back to 2015. They’ll soon work out that it will provide the same end result, and that the cars and the tech regulations are the things that need fixing, not qualifying. But they are busy stuffing those up to ensure the cars will be more difficult to overtake, giving the fans exactly what they wanted. Pffft.


  • What Bernie and the F1 management team will come up with next. The said tech regulations mentioned are due to be sorted soon, and this can be where they can attempt to ruin F1 again. Bernie also seems to be going from one outlandish statement to another, so he is a show all in himself.


  • How will Lewis Hamilton react to the 5 place grid penalty. With wet qualifying predicted, he will need to be on his game to limit the damage of the penalty. Not that starting at the back is a bad thing, he would likely be in the top 6 within 10 laps, but there’s also plenty of trouble in the midfield and back of the grid, and Lewis has already found plenty at the front so far in 2016. If he ends up away from the front, what will another Rosberg win will do to Lewis Hamilton. He already seems to be spending more time defending his lifestyle than anything else these days, and needs to win before Rosberg becomes the main man. Luckily he’s been able to turn around some awful starts and luck at the first corner in podium if he isn’t winning. He’ll need to be.


  • Can Vettel’s Ferrari make it to the start line? We sure hope so as we need his Ferrari annoying the Mercedes. We’re predicting him for P1 table topper at the very healthy $6.50.


  • Weather on Saturday. It would be apt for F1 and all their talk and banning and overturning qualifying formats if this weekend’s session is affected by the rain which would spice it up anyhow. Looking at the forecast, it looks an outside chance.







P1 – VETTEL to top P1 @$6.50
P2 – HAMILTON to top P2 @ $2.20
QUALIFYING – HULKENBERG to take Pole (Rain affected) @ $151
RACE – Top 6 – Hulkenberg $5.50 / Grosjean $2.60

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