The 2016 Bahrain Grand Prix Review – The Red Five Points

The Gurgler loves F1 and after every race (that deserves it or we can be bothered) we run through the 90 odd minutes and filter it down to point form (unlike Luca Badoer). Here's our Red Five points from the Australian GP using the Mansell F1 Red Five analysis logic.

The Bahrain Grand Prix has passed for another year, and it is usually without much fanfare or fond memories, but the 2016 wasn’t too bad at all, like Australia despite the Mercedes dominating the race wins. But there was plenty more than just a silver car in front, and we have our quick preview in point for the busy person on the go.

  • Formula bosses and Bernie have it all wrong trying to spice up the show by playing with qualifying. So far in the first two races the interest level has been increased by the Mercedes having poor starts. In Australia the all conquering Mercedes were slow off the line, and this week Lewis Hamilton combined that with a little touch from Bottas. So, if the F1 powers that be want to change anything, and do something ridiculous, why not attach a temporary power restriction off the line until the second corner, or nominate someone to run into Hamilton every week.
  • Great to have Kimi Raikkonen back at the front and looking close to a win. Kimi, who appears not to really give a shit at times, is one of the more likeable F1 characters who takes it all in his stride and to not only have a Ferrari challenging the Mercs but it being Kimi is most welcome. Although backing that up in consecutive races remains to be seen in this Ferrari incarnation for Kimi.
  • Vettel channelling Michael Schumacher at Ferrari in more ways than one, emulating the elder German’s engine failure on the Warm Up lap in 1996. If he matches half of Schumacher’s achievement in the red cars down the track he will break every record by everyone.
  • Hass doubles up with point scoring and looks like a real team straight away. Some will whine about the Ferrari hook up and technonlogy, but it isn’t illegal, and is certainly working well for them. It is currently making Romain Gorsjean look like a world beater. Gutierrez looks like the token sponsored competent team mate in comparison. One wonders if Red Bull look longingly at the Ferrari engine in the back of the Haas too despite the fancy new name for their new engine this year.
  • There were a few on track battles between team mates, and we love that and want more. Unlike most other overtakes down the field, the ones between team mates give extra excitement as one watches the potential fall out if it goes wrong. Nothing like feuding team mates to liven up a season too. One at the front between Silver cars with extra hate would be good too if we could order one of those. Although if Rosberg keeps winning, we may get one without asking.Special mention to Stoffel Vandoorne scoring points on debut. Button and/or Alonso should be worried.
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