Crap Fantales Presents….Are They Dead? Episode 1

Other websites and TV Shows ask Where Are They Now? Our Crap Fantales section of The Gurgler asks....Are They Dead?

With so many Crap Fantales to get through and never enough time, we’ve decided to unveil many at once with our first instalment of Crap Fantales presents Are They Dead?

Crap Fantales is our area to celebrate the people who shone brightly for the shortest possible period, and who will never appear on a Fantale wrapper, although we think they should.

As ever The Gurgler will celebrate the forgotten and the forgettable.






Is he dead? No.

Bruce Samazan is quintessential Crap Fantale. Hitting the height of fame around 1992 when he won the Silver Logie for Most Popular Actor for his terrific work as Max Simmons on E Street, Bruce was also known for being one of the rare actors to play in all three big soaps E Street, Neighbours and Home & Away. He made a come back for Big Sky, but it will be the policeman in Westside that he will be forever known for. What he would be less known for is the below…..


Is he dead? No.

Very few Big Brother contestants have stayed with people like Hotdogs. Was it his antics on Big Brother including a nudie run, or the tremendous work on the Up Late Game Show, or just the name Hotdogs. Either way The Gurgler remembers and salutes another addition to our Crap Fantale alumni.

There’s more to find out, and the following links have way more information than we could have imagined or cared about.

And how about a little of his finest work.



Is he dead? No.

Nominated not for a lack of talent, but essentially as the most obscure actor in a long forgotten, but very popular sitcom back in the day. A fine comedian in his own right, his catch phrase of “chicky babe” almost caught on around the land at the height of the show’s popularity.

For your enjoyment, how about the theme song to All Together Now.


Is he dead? Unfortunately Yes.

One of the first celebrity chefs, Keith Floyd lover his cooking and travelling, and drinking whilst doing both. First memories for some was the tremendous Continental Past and Sauce ads, one of which we have below. Later memories include a cheers to Spanish Fish market workers at 4am whilst making a Squid Ink Risotto.



Is he dead? Probably.

Given the Life Be in It ads are from the 1980’s and Norm wasn’t overly fussed on activities then, he would probably have passed on since. Life Be in It is still in action though, which is a good thing. Maybe Norm could make a comeback after all.