Gurgler Six Pack – Alternative Towns Missed by XXXX Origins Promotion

So XXXX have brought out a beer for 36 places without asking The Gurgler? As ever we have six of our own to suggest, and as ever they are obscure.

XXXX released a beer with 36 different place names over the past few weeks, and although we are very rarely interested by anything XXXX release, we found interest in which places could possibly be on that list.

We think we have 6 places that should have made the list, or at the very least be counted in the next run if there is one. Giving the more obscure places a voice.

Just to point out, that we have no links with XXXX, and this is not an advertorial, although if they want to throw a free carton our way we won’t complain. we are currently failing trying to collect all 36 and every carton thus far has the same bloody places. Just 10 different towns in three carton is strike rate worse than a drawn test match. Don’t get me wrong, we love Gatton, but we don’t need 16 of the same bottle when we want all 36. And we’re too tight to keep buying cartons.

Here is the XXXX Origins definitive list of all 36 places.

Below is the list of our selections.


Now known as a Brisbane City Council division, its former life was spent as a disused, dilapidated, under utilised train station on the Cleveland line. Whilst most Cleveland trains bypassed the shortened weed filled platforms and stairs of death built to the standard of a house of cards, it is the very obscure kind of place that should have been remembered with a spot amongst the 36 places of the Origin beer. Surely a better Brisbane representative than Bellbowrie, in which a XXXX would be seen less than Doboy would have in its prime.


With no representative from the letter Z, it is a massive oversight of the boffins at XXXX for ignoring a place with two Zs. And who doesn’t love Zilzie. Located near Rockhampton and named for a property in the area which in turn was named as an anagram of Lizzie, the name of the property owner’s wife (thanks Wiki) and a population of around 2,000. It is a place name that goes close to replicating the sound of slurring if too many of these are consumed.


Named by explorer Leichhardt who made observations of Comet Wilmot in 1844, it is a name that most would know, but barely know where it is. Another place we’ve nominated from the Capricorn region, it is obscure enough to deserve a place in our Top 6 list.


With very few island locations in the roll call of 36 places, why not add Bulwer to the list. Less glamorous than the major islands in Moreton Bay or part of the Great Barrier Reef, this place on the western side of Moreton Island used to be home of the legendary Combie Trader leaving from Scarborough. Mainly selected for good times the Gurgler has had there over the years, it would not be out of place on the side of a bottle.


Located between the Sunshine Coast coastline and Nambour, this place has the best name of the places not selected by XXXX Origins. Almost musical. We can picture this as a backing vocal, and on the side of a beer.


No other place in Queensland (or perhaps the world) had a Space Themed Shopping Centre like Kallangur did in the 1970’s and 1980’s. For the reason of those giant domes alone it deserves a place in the 36.

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