The Wash Up – The Gurgler’s Sporting Round Up

Amnother round up of the sporting weekend that was. Plus your home of the Unofficial Rod Pampling update.

Welcome to the Wash Up – The Gurgler’s sporting round up that used to be weekly, but sometimes life gets in the way, like more sport. But this week we were inspired by some great Aussie battlers, unsung sporting heroes saluting over the weekend.


Finally, Mark Webber is a World Champion. A shame it wasn’t in F1, but after being rammed by Vettel in a wet Japan in 2007 most thought he’d win many fewer than the 9 Grands Prix he eventually win. Zero in fact.

The Sportscars Championship is nothing to be sneezed at with a line up of drivers only half a rung below the American Indycar series, and the long driving stints in a car where set up is compromised to suit all drivers in quite the achievement.

And of course, he had to do it the hard way. Instead of cruising to collect fourth or worse, a mechanical issue forced him to pit for several laps. Thankfully a great recovery drive by his team and some help elsewhere gave him just enough to be crowned World Champion.


Comparisons to a fine bottle of red will no doubt be thrown around, and who could argue when a 57 year old gives the Australian Masters a golfing lesson.

He’s not a stranger to winning the tournament, having previously done it in 1991 and 1995 when hat was more pork pie, and the moustache full and bristling. The broomstick putter remained though, and what’s not to love about broomstick putting.

So we salute another Auusie hero, and who could argue that the $71 on offer for a win in this weekend’s Australian Open represents tremendous value, and qualifies as better than street money. Hard to argue that he can’t do it again.


It’s hard not to like Craig Lowndes, he always seems happy, and people who know him will tell you it’s no act.

Most would have given up on the Championship a few races ago, but into a great run of form Craig Lowndes is doing everything he can to make an otherwise underwhelming championship battle into something that at least gives us something to follow into the last round around the Sydney Olympic Park.

Only the hardest of Ford fans will more than likely be cheering against Craig in his unlikely battle for a championship. Certainly or neutrals compared to the prickly Mark Winterbottom.



With most Sports updates we try and keep you up to date with someone who could also be rightly declared an Aussie battler – Rod Pampling.

Rod Pampling played in the Australian Masters over the weekend, and despite a solid if unspectacular start, he came alive in the third round with the equal best round (along with Peter Senior and others). Unfortunately that momentum couldn’t make it into Sunday but an equal 36th finish is a good lead up to a win in the Australian Open this weekend at $71.


The one-time arch nemesis of one of our Aussie battlers – Seb Vettel took out the ROC event over the weekend. Whilst it’s a great concept for all the different drivers in F1 and motorsport (and cycling) in a driving competition, the stadium set up means the cars can never reach their full capability. This means if the event is to stay in stadiums then a better vehicle is needed.

A super quick go kart would do the trick, but at the other end a jazzed up ride-on lawnmower would provide plenty of laughs.



With the non football sport dwindling, we delve into US Sports this weekend for a big super Multi.

AUSTRALIA to beat NZ (Cricket)
DALLAS to beat Carolina (NFL)
BALTIMORE to beat Cleveland (NFL)
GREEN BAY to beat Chicago (NFL)
CINNCINATI to beat St Louis (NFL)
SEATTLE to beat Pittsburgh (NFL)
EDMONTON +1.5 HCP v Carolina (NHL)
TAMPA BAY to beat LA (NHL)
BOSTON to beat Detroit (NHL)
VETTEL to win Abu Dhabi GP

$1 for a massive $799

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