Crap Fantales – Sunnyboy

A Summer inspired entrant to our Crap Fantale Hall of Fame - we salute you Sunnyboy.

With the hot weather having passed through the whole of Australia the past week or so, it gave us all a reminder of the harsh, hot place this brown land can be. It’s not all bad though, as the mind also starts to wander about some of the wonderful memories of the heroes that made those days bearable in the past.

Those heroes are the foodstuffs and drinks from back in the day that used to cool us off with an ice cold sugar high. Like the various Clear Colas, Soda Stream, Calippos, Funny Faces, and Ribena (before it was unfairly shot down as unhealthy by the tedious boredom patrol).

None however, were as big a hero as the Tetrahedral Behemoth that was the Sunnyboy. Like most things the Sunnyboy was huge throughout the 80’s and early 90’s, and still remain around in some form in the dark corners of the supermarket, long away from the Tuckshops and Corner Shops that were once it’s home. Similar to an 80’s rock icon playing at Twin Towns.

The dark reaches of the memory recalls mainly the orange flavour which was always the default, but the variety was always there to please the unpleasable – raspberry, lime and cola flavour. Memory also recalls when all the good stuff had been sucked dry and just a blob of flavourless ice remained, not good enough to bother with.

Like the 80’s band, they are still available somewhere, but the memory is best left rather than tainted with stuff from their album.

But still, we salute the Sunnyboys for all its four sided frozen glory. And a welcome addition to our Crap Fantale Hall of Fame.

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