Gurgler Person of the Year Nomination – Shaun Micallef

The Gurgler's Person of the Year awards and this website in general to be honest needs some proper humour - and who better to be nominated than one of Australia's finest Shaun Micallef.

For the latest Person of the Year nominee we branch into the world of film and television.  This individual has been a permanent fixture on Australian Tv for over 20 years – writing, producing, and starring in some of Australia’s most iconic comedies.  To the fan he barely misses a beat, but for the uneducated, one might not even know much of his work.  This is because a large body of his work can be found on Aunty or Australia’s other premier broadcaster SBS.  I can only assume that if you are reading this, or any of the other fine periodicals this website produces, you would be most familiar with this individuals talents as you don’t have to read too much of our stuff to know we get a lot of influence from the not-as-recognised channels.  That and also because we don’t promote cooking shows, building shows, or shows about morons, for morons, by morons.

Not to say this individual has never been, or never succeeded on prime time television.  He happened to host one of the most successful game shows in recent years, as well as being a cast member of one of the most memorable sketch comedy shows in Australian history.  A comedy show that also produced the talents of Eric Bana, Glenn Robbins and everybody’s favourite – Ross Williams.  Over the years he has created numerous shows that revolve around his own brand of satire, more often than not taking the piss out of current affairs and news events.  The latest piece of gold he has produced, sees him play a former Prime Minister who struggles to assimilate to normal life, after holding office for numerous years.  His character takes the worst of our more recent former PM’s, and blends them together to form a docile, ignorant and cringeworthy douche.

It is difficult to single out just one of my favourite characters, but I could not finish this article without mentioning Milo Kerrigan.  The former boxer with his huge nose and incomprehensible speech, when he stood in as a weather presenter is champagne comedy. Of course we are talking about Shaun Micallef, and we congratulate him on his nomination for the 2015 Person of the Year

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