Gurgler Person of the Year Nomination – PNG Hunters’ Willie Minoga

The third Nomination for Gurgler Person of the Year should be no surprise. We love our PNG Hunters and the number 16 is our favourite of them all.

Regular readers of The Gurgler (yes, all three of you) will know we have a special place in our hearts, a huge admiration for the PNG Hunters. Their infectiously enthusiastic style of Rugby League has brought a smile to our face since their inclusion in the Intrust Super Cup in 2014, and although there was immense disappointment at them missing the Grand Final in 2015, the love continues.

All of the PNG Hunters have brought joy in their two short years in Queensland’s premier rugby league competition, and if you had to name a favourite you couldn’t, you’d name them all. But one man excites more than others, no one gets the fans and The Gurgler as excited when the number 16 is spotted warming up on the sidelines.

The number 16 belongs to Willie Minoga, and our third nomination for The Gurgler Person of the Year.

Awards are not foreign to Willie, he won the most popular player in the Intrust Super Cup in the Hunter’s first season in 2014, no mean feat, and a sure fire indication of the fans admiration too.

And what’s not to love? The barnstorming runs, the ferocious defence, the aerodynamic Mohawk and the general spirit in which he plays the game. All of them great, all of them on display each week in the Intrust Super Cup.

It begs the question why he (and more of his team mates) hasn’t attracted more interest from the NRL. Surely with the reduced interchange in 2016 NRL clubs will be looking for more impact, and impact off the bench doesn’t come in a better form than the Mack Truck aka Willie Minoga. One club will be rewarded for the foresight, but in the meantime the reward is another season of Intrust Super Cup for his many fans. Including The Gurgler.

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