Gurgler Person of the Year Nomination – Duck from Sarah & Duck

The Second Nomination for Gurgler Person of the Year is well...not a Person. But neither was last year's winner. Please accept Nom #2 - Duck.

People love others that make them laugh, as much as a Duck loves bread. People want Ducks too. So with all that logic we introduce the very affable Duck from ABC Kids show Sarah and Duck as our second nomination of Person of the Year.

Sure, he’s not a person, but neither was last year’s winner Reggie the Rabbitoh, so the many fan of our annual poll don’t seem to care.

Duck doesn’t say much, in fact he doesn’t say anything, he quacks, because he’s a duck. But in a world where there is too much hot air and worthless opinion (our website aside of course) less can be more, and Duck is certainly less, so that means he’s more.

Where kids shows try and ram life lessons down the throats of pre-schoolers teaching them right from wrong, Sarah and Duck is a refreshing change, they have no great life lessons, just a story about a young girl living alone in a massive house with just a Duck for company doing stuff. Who else would you rather have around.

Duck steals the five and a half minutes of the air time every day, and will no doubt use that to spin off series his way to superstardom in the future. Until then, he’ll have to make do with our nomination for Person of the Year.

Got any bread?

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