The Gurgler’s Weekly Sporting Wash Up

Another exciting week O' sport has gone and lies ahead. Max Layne brings you his thoughts.

The Three Big Questions?

Will the Australian Cricket selectors hold their nerve?
With Australia in a post-Ashes rebuilding phase, whoever they threw in would need runs and quick, as the selectors only hinted that they would be given a handful of tests. Thankfully the two batsmen given their shot at redemption – Usman Khawaja and Joe Burns took their chance, and if they continue to perform we will have a reasonable batting line up for the first time since Michael Clarke was scoring runs for fun. Joe Burn’s sixes to make his 100 were especially noteworthy. Plenty to like and deserving of his second chance. Hopefully they have credit in the bank if there are a couple of failures. Both look Test ready and long term solutions if they can hang around.

Australia did well considering the weather, the rebuilding phase, and the fact New Zealand were well fancied before the game as their record against other teams Australia have not done as well against recently. The game gave another reason to think twice before looking elsewhere for the first test. Having not lost at The Gabba since 1988, it’s the best way to start every series. For cricketing reasons. Never mind not as many fans attended, bad weather, expensive refreshements, and a soulless ground contribute to the numbers.

Is the FA Cup the best competition in the world?
Short answer Yes. Long Answer Yes with a lengthy explanation.

We prefer to keep it short, as no one reads this anyway, but there’s nothing like the small minnows taking on and sometimes defeating the professional teams above them. Proving the best of Sport as any side can beat can beat the other in the right circumstances. You can catch the results and Round 2 draw here.

If Musa Bility has been rejected as a FIFA President candidate following integrity checks by FIFA, PotKettle?
With the candidates running to replace FIFA boss Sepp Blatter, or think they are before he pulls one more trick out of his heat, being checked for their integrity it was announced this week that the African representative Musa presidency campaign had been rejected. Who knows what war crimes he has been accused of, or how many ACA reporters he has batted off his front door for multiple scams if he is too corrupt for FIFA. Or not enough.

When dropped for no particular reason, the Queenslander took the most of his second chance with plenty of run and promise. His delightful way of bringing up his 100 is as good as it gets.

If he concentrated on his Boxing instead of mouthing off about his rugby league career he may have won more titles. To compare himself to Thurston but turbo charged is extreme and almost laughable given the kind of year Thurston has had.

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