Queensland Cup Carnivale – A Magic Weekend/Summer Bash for the Intrust Super Cup

Who wouldn't love an entire weekend of Rugby League action in one ground over 2 days. We would, and we want the Intrust super Cup to do it.

Friends and followers of The Gurgler will know we are big fans of the Intrust Super Cup, and have thoroughly enjoyed this season.

After attending a Magic Weekend of Rugby League in Edinburgh in 2009 – this is where all 14 UK Super League teams play at one venue over 2 a Saturday and Sunday – we’ve been insisting that the idea would also work in Australia. People here don’t know what they’re missing.

Unfortunately with a prehistoric administration and decision makers that seem happy just to keep Channel 9 and a few select NRL clubs happy, and with limited vision into the future, it would never happen with the NRL. Not in this generation though. If ever.

But maybe the QRL could do so and reap the rewards. Surely with less commercial issues than the NRL the Intrust Super Cup could lead the way and showcase their game in a Magic Weekend or Summer Bash style weekend. The Summer Bash is the second tier Championship rugby league division in the UK and they drew around the 8,000 mark to their first event this year. A good marker for the Intrust Super Cup as an equivalent.

Surely someone like Fox Sports would be interested, especially in one of those 4 or 5 game weekends during Origin. Better than the dross that usually is served up.

There’s more to the story and as ever it’s at Nothing But League. Read the full story at our favourite Rugby League website Nothing But League.