The Mexican Grand Rixview and thoughts….in point form

The Gurgler reviews the Mexican GP, and unlike Luca Badoer, it's in point form.

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– The F1 Circus returned to Mexico after a 23 year absence and it was a welcome change to see a new venue that has fans that look like they’ll stick it out for more than the first event. Well depending on how long there is a Mexican driver on the grid. Even so, surely they’ll stick around longer than the fans in other great new locations like India, Korea, Valencia, China.

– The beauty of the Mexican GP for a new event is that there was already a track there, limiting how much Tilke could ruin the event with a predictable boring modern track for which he is exclusively famous for. In saying that, the Baseball section was a great addition and great to actually hear the crowd cheering, if not for the flow of the circuit. The sare usually 800m away.

– A pity that Lewis Hamilton couldn’t have pissed off Nico Rosberg earlier in the season, we may have got a decent championship fight. Rosberg did well in Mexico, but it has been seen on too few an occasion this year. We can only hope the hate festers into the off season and beyond and have a decent battle at the front instead of waiting for Ferrari to catch up.

– Talking of Ferrari, not one of their best. Despite all his bad luck, Ferrari could do worse than to pay Kimi off and get Mad Max in next season.

– The Red Bull engine saga continues with just about every option closed, and if the only one is a Honda aren’t they better without of Flintstone’s LPG power?

– Dan Ricciardo could go and do NASCAR next year. Given his racing prowess, he’d probably be a world beater. And his fan friendly demeanour is more suited to the circle work than snobbery of F1.

– Loved every announcement of Mansell Corner. One of F1’s greatest ever racers finally getting some of the kudos he deserves. We suggested some other ones with our Six Pack of Alternative F1 Corner Names.

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