Crap Fantales – American Singer / Songwriter Grayson Hugh

Our first musical addition in the Crap Fantale Hall of Fame. Will this CF be talked over and over in bed?

You’ve probably heard the song Talk It Over, and seen the excellent film clip, but can you remember the artist? Or anything else about them.

Well, Grayson Hugh qualifies for Crap Fantale status for many reasons – he was big for a short period of time, underrated and forgotten by most. But not by The Gurgler and the Crap Fantale Hall of Fame committee.

Born in the USA in Hartford, Connecticut on October 30 1950, this singer / songwriter found fame with the 1989 song Talk it Over, which was originally for and recorded by Olivia Newton John. Grayson did it best and it was due to the pioneering beret and facial hair that has been synonymous with the artist.

The song reached number 19 on the Billboard charts in the US and was the number 26 song in the Australian ARIA charts for the whole of 1989. Not as good as Roxette’s The Look at 2, or Fine Young Cannibals at 6 or Jive Bunny at 16, but certainly better than Enya at 43 and Iko Iko by the Belle Stars.

He also contributed songs to big movies such as Thelma and Louise and Fried Green Tomatoes. 5 studio albums in all mean he is no one hit wonder, just someone who didn’t get all the accolades he deserved.

Whilst he peaked in 1989 and has been forgotten, he will always be remembered and have a home in the Crap Fantale section.

Reminiscence right now…

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